Stupid comments heard at craft shows

toomuchglassOctober 22, 2006

I have to laugh every time I hear some of the questions and comments at a craft show. I'm sure you've heard quite a few doozies too. Here's a few - feel free to add yours ...

*** Did you make this ? "no - I bought it at Walmart"

*** How long does it take you to make one? One of what ? I'm selling 100 things"

*** Does the color in stained glass fade ? It's the COLOR of the glass - not paint! sheesh,,

*** Asked about my suncatchers - WILL THEY BREAK?

C'mon - it's GLASS ! Glass DOES break!

*** How do you make that ? Like I have 4 hours to explain

Oh - there's probably so many more I can't think of right now . Please - tell me some of yours !

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I can do that **** Yes, but will you?
Did you do this yourself? **** No, my fairy god mother did.

It can really get irritating can't it?

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My Aunt and Uncle used to travel the craft circuits, and he would tell us some of the things he'd have said or asked of him and some were really funny. The "best" was the year he took just plain dried gourds to a show and one woman went ballistic telling him he couldn't have those there, she held the patent on gourds. OK! Another time he had some gourds that the handles on the dipper gourds had split and a few had even forked and someone asked him how he made those. People are just so funny. All I ever get is the questions such as "How do you make these?" and "Where did you find this?" I don't know how many times I had to bite my tongue.

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A common question we get is "Do you have a box for this?" I'm a crafter, not Macy's!
But I was doing a show last August when a couple came up to me and said: "We've been watching you for a while and see that you are doing very well. We want to know where you get your supplies so we can make this too." (Now I make house numbers out of wood and ceramic with some wrought iron scrollwork thrown in.) So I said: "Go to a lumber yard, a steel supplier, and a ceramic studio. Then combine the three media and there you go!"

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I don't know if I would get so offended by the "Did you make this? And How?" comments so much. In this day and age there are a lot of people trying to sell imports at crafts shows and maybe that is how the people find out if you made it or not. If you seem to have no clue, that's a good idea that you didn't make it!

I get so angry each year when I go to craft shows and see things that I know dang well the person did not make. I have been making a point of telling whomever is with me that that item came from this catalog or that! I don't care if others hear me because it's ridiculous.

I also love the lady at our county fair that buys and antique, ties a scrap piece of fabric around it and claims she "created it". Anyone can do THAT!

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FlamingO in AR

For me, it wasn't so much the stupid comments as it was the repetition- if you had things with little sayings on them, you would hear it out loud by nearly every single person who walked by, they always felt the need to read it out loud to whomever they were with or near. It got to where I would want to scream. Sometimes it wasn't even my own stuff I was hearing, if I was NEAR a booth with little signs I would be so sick of it all by the end of the show.

I can think of one really stupid comment, though. I made little fabric chairs that had a secret place under the seat, these took me forever to make and I think I sold them for $5 or $6, they were CHEAP but wonderful, lots of hand sewing. I was pointing out the secret place to a lady who had a little girl and her comment was " I would NEVER teach my daughter to hide things from me!" Ooooookay. I guess you won't be buying her a jewelry box, either, then......

That one bugged me, probably because one of my favorite things in life is a secret drawer, or a hidey-hole as my mother would always call it.

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I Just thought of another one ........
"WHAT IS THIS ? " If I have to explain it to you don't want it Then I usually get the look like "why would anybody want that ..........."

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I've been crafting for about 10 years and I'm always amazed at the questions or comments from customers and lookers alike.
I have all but given up trying to make my booth foolproof with signs or price tags or whatever might be helpful. I've come to 2 conclusions. 1. People can't read and 2. Don't try to make anything foolproof because fools are ingenious!!!

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The one question I hate to hear is "How much is this"? And, the price tag is either hanging right on the front of an item or the price is on a sign right in front of it, that states "fabric hot pads $3.50 each"! :o)

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Hi Folks,

First, I apologize this is so long. Please don't take this the wrong way but I'd like to add my comment to this post as it has been bothering me since I first read it a few days ago. It keeps coming back in my mind and so I would like to post my thoughts if you don't mind.

I too deal with the public as I work at my City's Water/Sewer Dept. I get questions such as-- Where does the water come from?, I was told there is bleach in the water, is that true?, My sewer is backed up, did you do that to me because I didn't pay my water/sewer bill?, The water smells like marijuana?, I have critters in my toilet?, My water is dirty, why do YOU people do that to US?, What's a fire hydrant?, My whole house rattles when a truck drives over the sewer manhole, why?, Baby fish come out of my faucet when I turn the water on!!, I want you to move the water main as it has PCB's in the water where I live!!, My water is very brown/black and filthy looking, is it safe to drink? Etc., etc. I can relate to what you're saying about the questions you get at craft shows and you must be able to tell it is very frustrating for me sometimes when I get these calls at work.

I really am NOT trying to hurt anyone's feelings here and as I said above, please don't take this the wrong way. With some of the questions I get at my work, you can imagine what I'd really like to say, but I don't. I try/have to be as helpful as I can, that's my job. I too have asked crafters at shows, "Did you make this?" There is a reason I particularly ask that specific question. And, it's a good question as far as I'm concerned. If I really like what I see, I will buy and tell you why I buy. Recently at a show, I asked a young woman if she had made all the homemade felt gingerbread men/felt snowmen decorations and other decorations at her table. She responded, No, my mom did. I then told her, after purchasing over $50 of the decorations, to please tell her Mom that a woman at the craft show was certainly impressed with the fine craftsmanship she did in making these. They are truly wonderful and that is why I am purchasing so many of them. She said, thank you, I will tell my Mom that. What was important to me as a fellow crafter/out buying, was the terrific smile on her face and her listening to me. It goes a long way for me when I am at craft shows. Here's the thing, I really didn't need anymore Christmas decorations, but they were truly wonderful decorations and oh, heck, I'll get them (something new). For me, asking the question and then responding with my answer is just my way of telling you what a fine, wonderful, very talented job you did making your product. Another example is - I was looking at soy gel candles and the woman proceeded to tell me all the benefits of the candles she was selling (whether I wanted to hear it or not). It didn't bother me she just jumped right in to tell me about her product, she was taking pride in what she was selling and wanted me to know that. Again, with a huge terrific smile on her face. It's that smile and fantastic personality that will get me to buy, and yes also, do I want it, especially if I know I can make it myself being a home crafter myself. At a recent huge five State Fair, I specifically went back to a vendor I had purchsaed a lovely rooster-kitchen clock from the year before. Even though I really didn't need to spend anymore money as I had already spent over $250, I found something in her goods and bought it. It was her friendliness and being kind to me when I mentioned the clock I purchased the year before. And, she rememberd me because she said - oh, I remember you now, you said all those wonderful things about my products last year, thank you, I appreciate that. And, next year I will do the same. It's her friendliness, fantastic attitude and great personality that will bring me back to her and buy from her next year (whether I need it or not). And if I don't buy, please don't look at me in disgust for it may be that I really can't afford it even though I might want it.

So please don't be too critical of me (others) when I ask what you may think of as a stupid, frustrating question. I may have a very nice compliment for you, your attitude towards me may get me to buy if I am able to afford what you are selling.

Sincerely (and I do mean that word),


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Thank you for the nice post. I went to a big 250 booth craft show last week and so many of the things were not homemade. I did ask if they were if I couldn't tell ( sometimes it is hard). I am a stay at home mom with 2 little helpers and I don't necessarily have extra money for crafts right now even though I have lots of craft supplies to use up. And I love shopping at Goodwill for raw materials. I enjoy talking with people, maybe too much but will have a positive comment to give to those who take the time to make the wonderful things that they sell.


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Wonderful Post ,Sal ! Everybody's point of view is welcome !

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The worst thing someone ever did to me at a craft show was to ask for a piece of paper. It was about 25 years ago but I'll never forget it. A lady asked for the paper to trace an item I had for sale that was probably no more than a dollar. My sister was with me and she suggested the lady buy the item. I think she knew I was about to do something ugly.

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I went to a craft show once and a woman had a little grapevine wreath with a handmade chicken and some flowers glued on it...

I had to laugh....the little chick was one I made....She must have bought it from me or helped herself to one of them...who knows...


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Sal, that was a wonderful point you made. We can't just assume people are stupid. Maybe they are really trying to be friendly and nice! I hate going to a craft show or into some shop and the people are unfriendly. It really doesn't make me want to buy. I do tend to buy more from people that are nice and I will look for them again next time!

This summer at our county fair I was looking through a primitive craft booth with my step mom. I found a pillow with a stitchery that I just loved but I didn't want to buy the pillow. It was the saying I loved because it's about families being like trees and branching out. My Gram and Pap are in the process of a divorce after 48 years of marriage. Gram moved to Texas to live by my aunt and she's now a 22 hour drive away from my Dad and step mom, my brother and his wife, my DH, my kids and I, all her family and friends...this is where she was born and raised! The saying would be PERFECT for me to stitch up something for her and mail her for Christmas! The woman actually heard us talking and gave me a paper bag and a pen and told me to copy it down. I explained to her what I do (craft for fun) and what I was planning to do. We had a nice, simple talk and I left there feeling good.

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Sal you made a good point. Check over on the conversation side of GJ for another stupid comment.

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To the OP, I think you're being far too critical of the people asking questions. Would you rather that people not give your work any attention and not ask you questions? Have you ever thought about the person not really knowing much about glass, but wanting to know more? Just somethings to think about.

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LOL! I've heard ALL of these! Especially "I could do that". The other one, not a stupid comment, but one I get tired of hearing, "that's so cute, or so and so needs that!". Then they put it down and walk away!

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I don't mind if people ask if I made my crafts. When I did signs with sayings, I did mind if they stood there with pen and paper and copy down the sayings...I actually told one lady they were copyrighted and she stopped and walked away embarrassed that she was caught red handed.

I too deal with "stupid" comments at work. We just all have to realize that people are human and sometimes they speak before they think. Just remember, it'll be good for a laugh later!

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The following is my opinion. It is not intended to offend or hurt anyone's feelings. My post will be long also.

I think we all ask 'stupid' questions from time to time. I am sure every occupation can tell you a few. I know of an elderly lady who will do just about anything to get folks to talk to her. She asks 'stupid' questions even when she knows the answer for the interaction with another person.

The question 'did you make this' isn't all that stupid. Two years ago I was at a craft show. A woman had a booth with what looked like handmade items for sell. Her sign said 'Everything is handmade by -------'. I had to ask if she made an ornament. She acted offended and pointed to the sign and told me that she only sells items made by herself and her daughter. I explained that I found it interesting that they would go all the way to China to make the ornaments just to bring them to the States to sell. As I pointed to the little 'Made In China' stickers on the ornament I was asking about and several of her other items.

I must admit that I read the signs out loud when I am shopping with friends or family. It is the first time we have seen the signs and some of the sayings are so cute or interesting. Should I quit doing this and shop in silence because it might offend someone else?

Maybe what seems stupid to one person isn't so stupid to another.


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Stupid comment heard at craft show?

I was in my early 20s, a couple years out of college and with a really good-paying high-tech job. I was at a craft show where a woman was showing her hand-creweled rugs... I admired one and asked her how much she was asking for it. She said (looking at me as if I were 16 years old): "You couldn't afford it, honey." Now THAT was a stupid comment!


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I'll add my 2 cents here - I think that the reason we, as crafters, feel some of these questions are stupid is because we hear them over and over and maybe the first time it wasn't so stupid, but after awhile, it gets on your nerves. I find it hilarious to listen to people. I sell mostly gag gifts, survival kits, etc. People have to read alot at my booth. I sell vehicle repair kits and also snowman kits (scarf, carrot nose, corncob pipe, charcoal for building a real snowman). OFTEN I hear people say - "LOOK, a Snowman Repair kit" - getting the two kits confused because they are usually side by side. A friend of mine sells wind chimes made out of kitchen utensils, like a four sided grater with old silverware for the chimes. She is often beside me at shows. I sell alot of Hillbilly stuff. They will read at my booth, then walk to hers and say "Oh look, hillbilly wind chimes". She takes pride in her stuff and doesn't like them called Hillbilly anything!! It cracks me up.

I thought the ultimate weird comment was this weekend at my show. I also sell accordion scrapbooks and have 2 made up with pictures of my own for samples of what can be done with the books. Of course the rest are blank inside - ready for people to buy and put their own photos inside. One woman wanted to buy my sample one on Sat. I told her no, it was my sample. She then asked if I had anymore already made up with pictures in them for sale. Now why would you want to buy someone else's photos???? hmmmm....

On the other hand, when people ask me if I made my items, it makes me rather proud to say yes I did. A few years ago I was making some gorgeous Raggedy Ann & Andy teddy bears. They were priced at $50 a pr. It was the most expensive thing I had ever sold at a show and I was quite proud of them. One woman questioned me intently on whether I really made them from scratch - the bear bodies and all (yes I did). She was suspicious that I just bought the bears and embellished them with hair and clothing. I actually took it as a compliment, although I wasn't sure she believed me. I thought if she couldn't tell if they were handmade or boughten, that was my goal - to look professional. I THINK I finally convinced her that I did make them (showed her my sore fingers) because she bought a pr. but she did suggest that I put my name somewhere on them - like sew a tag into the seam of the leg or something, which I thought was a good idea.

This past Saturday I had several people asking if I really made my scrapbooks because they looked too neat. I take those comments as compliments - they don't bother me at all, because I can answer proudly "yes, I did!"

Ok - I think my 2 cents turned into a dollar - sorry so long.


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I had a lady buy one of my crocheted granny square afghans. The funny thing was the next year it was in our county fair with a blue ribbon on it. The reason I knew it was mine was one of the squares had a cetain color combination in it. I really liked the yarn and I think the yarn had been discontinued. I asked one of the ladies on the fair board about it and there comment was I know this lady and she would never do anything like that. I just let it go. My hubby said isn't it nice that someone else thought your work was good enough to put it in the fair. I do shows all the time. I had to laugh Saturday at a lady that was buying something at the booth beside me. They had these nice sweat shirts that they had made jackets out of and appliqued on them. This costumer bought one but in the process of paying for it she asked step by step how she had made it. (Well being nice to the customer the lady told her how she did it.) The lady pays and says thanks for the directions now I have a pattern and I know how to make them myself.
People are just to funny.

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no stupid comment but I figure for every one person who may buy/ask how an item was made, there are 5 who will buy.
I just craft for pleasure and gifting friends and I know co-workers who can do what I do but would rather pay me to make it...just be pleasant and mannerly.

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I think you all are taking this too serious. The OP was obviously venting frustration and rather than get mad or angry and blow-up she wanted to make some fun out of it. That is all this was intended to do. Everyone asks questions of questionable nature. It is how you respond to that person or not respond to that person that is important.

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The funniest, thing that happened all the years (15) that we did craft shows, happened to a crafter that was selling handmade ceremic lamp, with handmade shades. A couple walked up to the booth, and the wife wanted to buy one. Her DH said (out loud) "Wait until the end of the show, and I can get it for you half price." Folks, these were professional craftsmen who did a show almost every week! They did NOT mark down their prices at the end of a show. LOL The lamp did not sell, but the last day they put it under the table. When the couple came back, the wife insisted that she WANTED THAT LAMP! The dealer offered to ship her one and she accepted. The DH had to, not only pay full price for the lamp, but pay for shipping and handling!
The dealer was determined not to let them have the one under the table.

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Reading these comments sound familiar. Some people hove no clue what a craft show is & I do like the "Did you make this?" No I got it at WalMart!! I'll have to remember that! I'm a crafter in IL and have been to a "few" shows in the last month and "do you think homemade crafting is becoming a thing of the past or just to easy to order out of a catalog and sell it for homemade?" These "crafters" should be banned from shows.

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Tammi, where at in Il.? I'm in Pekin (central), Il. I just did a craft show at my sister's church. Been doing it for 6 yrs. now. I feel good when people ask if I made it myself. I do several different kinds of things & one elderly lady from the church always comes to see what"s new this time. This lady does beautiful hand stitched ornaments & gifts (I could never do the intricate work she does) Her admiration of my work is a huge compliment because I think she has ten times the talent I do. She bought a fence board flag for her front porch & a Christmas decorated fence as a gift for her daughter.

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Thanks for your comments ! I really was making light of the subject - I still stand by my opinion ,if a person goes to juried craft show , pays to get in - finds it to be a classy show -- of course the crafter made their item - why bother to ask ? When somebody DOES happen to ask me---the conversation always turns to a discussion on how many cheap imports there are and how nice it is to see stuff handmade. So - it starts out stupid and ends up a friendly conversation ! I heard another comment at the craft show I did last week. It wasn't stupid - I thought it was downright Rude. 2 people were in front of my booth "loudly" comparing my stained glass to another crafter's on the other side of the room. They discussed prices,colors,subject matter .... ggggrrrrrrrrr... If I had guts I would have butted in and told them "She buys her stuff at Walmart " ~~~ ROFL !!!

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At first the question "Did you make this?" bothered me, but I soon turned it to my advantage. My crafts appear to be very simple (hairbows), but they are time consuming. So I would immediately answer, "Yes, that one takes about an hour from start to finish." That would spark a whole conversation about the process and I find that it always helps to engage in that conversation. Some people thought that I could curl grosgrain ribbon w/ scissors (like cheap ribbon!) until I explained that I had to wrap it on dowels and bake it in the soon becomes obvious that my hairbows really are a "craft" and not an import or Walmart knockoff. But without this kind of conversation, I might lose many potential customers.

I did have someone tell me once that I needed to "invest" in better bags (I use the 2 cent brown lunch bags). I just laughed and ignored her comment.

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junknstuf - (I like that "code" name) "junkin" as we call it in Southern IL is my favorite - My kids tell their friends their mom can somebody's junk and do something with it and make money. Them and their friends look for "junk" for me. I live in a little town of 1,800 people in S. IL about 50 miles east of St. Louis (good part of IL) One of the biggest Craft shows in the are which used to be 400 crafters is now down to about 250 and about 1/3 of them had bought stuff they were trying to peddle - it was sad. I do shows and everything I do is homemade and I have the bags under my eyes to show for it. Have to get ready for one the 1st week of December and were did the time go!! Maybe you could help me - I am looking for garland, swags, wreaths etc that has leaves that feel like fun foam - have any idea what it is called - it is very "country" looking and very real looking. Nobody selling it wants to let me in on the secret were they buy it. tried all the craft stores I know - and it is not homemade!
Thanks for listening - tammy

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I'm with Sal.
I don't really think "Did you make this?" is an out-of -line question at any time. Could be that the person manning the booth is not the crafter. And usually people probably are only asking because they think it is a nice item worth asking about.

I was to a large craft show today and was disappointed to see so many "Made in China" stickers. I found some great stuff, though!

Keep crafting!

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I have to agree with you Toomuchglass - that was down right rude and insulting on their part. I know you bit your tongue on that one. I do wish you the best at all your craft shows and be rest assured that there are some of us at craft shows who do appreciate the hard work that goes into each handmade craft.


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I do not sell at craft shows/fairs but I go to them to get inspired, and I say stupid things like "wow I never thought of that, but I can make that myself" and of course I don't,
my grandmother for 30 yrs or so went to every craft fair/ church bazaar and such and bought an item and she asked particulars on how to do them and then her and the ladies at the senior center would "copy" it and sell them at the fairs the next year, people would consider it an honor to have this group copy their stuff, and all of them did this out of their own pockets and donated the monies raised to the Seniors for seniors dinners which provided seniors with meals throughout the year that were alone or could not afford meals. I made a fence flag this year and hung it up and my very talented sister-in law asked where I bought it and when I told her I made it she was impressed( still think she does not believe me!!)
sorry ladies for this being long, have fun and thanks for putting up with the unknowledged!

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Some years back...I overheard this coming from 2 people women shopping in the booth next to mine. I had the impression they were sisters. The crafter had made exquisitely crafted fabric decorations; I don't recall exactly what (wreaths?), but they were very labor intensive, with both machine work and hand stitching/embroidery. The crafter was out of her booth for a minute.

Woman 1 says, "Oh, I love that; I wish I could afford it, but I've spent my check already."

Woman 2: "Oh, do you? Why, I can make one for you."

Woman 1: "Would you? I would be just thrilled to have one."

Woman 2: "Sure, Honey, I can do that for you; it's not that hard to make."

Woman 1: "You're such a sweetheart...(gratefull kiss on the cheek)...When would you make it?" (It was a Christmas theme.)

Woman 2: "Just as soon as I buy a sewing machine."

I would have loved to have seen the look on Woman #1's face as they walked away, but they were not facing me.

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LOL -- THAT Was funny !!!!! I bet the look on the one ladie's face was priceless !

I do have another problem at craft shows - Not comments but - people who try and copy my stuff. You can tell when someone is trying to memorize things. My friend and I did a summer show where a man actually brought a camera in friend stepped right in front of him and blocked the lens and sternly asked if she could help him ...then politely threw him out of her booth.

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This isn't really stupid but I think it's amusing. About 15 years ago, I was selling pop can animals right and left. I was at a show and was answering all kinds of questions about how they were made, where I got the idea, etc. when this kid came up and was looking one over very closely. I said to him, "Can you tell what that is made out of?" He couldn't so I told him. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Cool. What kind of pop was it?" I still laugh about it! Leave it to a kid to think of that question!

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My 5 friends and I meet each week and "craft".
When one of us goes to a craft show, we try to get detailed directions, (gasp! or even a picture) of a certain craft. decorated chairs would be difficult to describe, so I asked if I could take a pic to show my friends the beautiful work.
The next time we meet, maybe a couple of us want to make the item, just for ourselves or family - never to sell.
We have done stepping stones, decorated sweatshirts, bowling balls, painted snowmen on slates,purses from jeans, etc. (one friend has 7 children and she makes one for each grown child for Christmas.
I have asked if I could copy something, stating I would definately not be selling any, and have been helped by a few vendors. I have since met one vendor and have purchased a few items from her because she was so nice.
I curb picked two dining room chairs and decoratively painted one for my sis for her b-day, the other one I did for myself, but the friend whose house we meet each week loved it and commented on it, so I gave it to her. Oh well.
I am sure this is not the case in other's experiences. Sometimes a vendor is so friendly, even if I did not think I wanted to buy anything, I did anyway because she was so friendly. (i.e. hand made soaps, or candles which I normally do not use)
What ever....that is why each of us is different.

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I beat you all with the dumbest question! I make fleece stuffed snow babies and glue them onto decorated CD's,and make them xmas ornaments. One guy, after studying it ever so carefully asks,"but how do you play it?" CLASSIC!!

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I don't do craft shows anymore but I do remember some of the people who stopped by my booth. I have painted old world Santas on old light bulbs for more than 10 years. I have had a lot of nice comments on them - and I put on the tag that the Santa is painted on a light bulb and always wrapped the metal part you screw in to the lamp with a gold braid. One gentleman was very impressed with one of my bulbs and showed it to his wife. She looked at it over and over and finally asked "well how does it light up?" She was very sincere but not very bright (pardon the pun). Of course, I was very nice to her and explained in detail about the bulb, the whole time her husband was rolling his eyes. I still laugh about that.

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Thanks for the funny comments ! I'm guilty of asking stooopid questions,too .... Vendors probably laugh at me when I leave their booth. Laughing makes life so much more fun !

    Bookmark   April 29, 2007 at 6:51PM
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I've often felt for craft vendors when shows are on, and you can just hear some of the conversations that occur.

My story is not craft related, but might make you all smile.

I'm in marketing professionally (crafter for my own amusement) and one client had us compile for them the results of an anonymous survey. We gave them a large report summarizing it.

So the client calls me one day and says he'd like the names of all the people who took the survey. "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't give that to you. It was an anonymous survey." And I reminded him why it had been anonymous, so people would feel comfortable giving their opinions, etc...

And he responded, "Oh. Okay. Well, then just send me their email addresses."

Have a good one, folks! :-)

    Bookmark   April 30, 2007 at 6:30AM
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Bumped up, because I looked this one up- I was thinking about it the other day!

I have garden totems for sale at a craft mall, and I had a lady come up to me to reprimend me about my prices-
they weren't high enough.
The price wouldn't even pay for the clay to make the teapots...

(let me know if you need this explained!!) :)

    Bookmark   July 31, 2010 at 12:28PM
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I use recycled denim and blue jeans in my crafts. I also update and decorate used denim clothing. I had a woman who was very well dressed for the street craft show we were doing, she looked like she belonged on Rodeo Drive, not in the middle of fly speck, Delaware... anyway.. she walked into my booth, under my tent, took one look at this beautiful embroidered denim dress ( sells for $30, a very nice piece) and almost chocked when she realized it was an upcycled dress. She got the most disgusted look on her face, exclaimed.. "This is USED clothing" and about ran out of my booth.

It's not like my clothing is dirty or something that belongs in the rag bin. And she was mortified that she was touching used clothing.. I had never been so disgusted with anyone in my life.

    Bookmark   July 31, 2010 at 3:53PM
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MJOWEST !!!!!! I am dying laughing !!!!!!!!

You certainly "are talented" , arent you ???? LOLOLLL

    Bookmark   August 6, 2010 at 1:29PM
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I thought of you guys immediately when she said this! :)

LOL-savacreep! Used! Imagine!

    Bookmark   August 13, 2010 at 5:29PM
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Savacreep...a perfect reply to her would have been,
'well they are no worse than the sheets you sleep on in a hotel that hundreds of other people have slept on'
That would have probably really sent her running in horror.
I use overalls and jeans that have been 'previously owned' also.
Like yours I'm sure, they are well washed and less germy than the new ones hanging on the racks that heaven knows what has touched them.

    Bookmark   August 14, 2010 at 11:53AM
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I really love these comments ... and the funny thing is - they stick in our mind for some reason . I guess that's what makes people more fun !

+++ PS -- If you are doing fairs this summer - keep adding to it !

    Bookmark   August 14, 2010 at 5:14PM
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This is so funny because I remember posting a comment back in 07. It always amazes me how funny people can be without even knowing it.

Oh, I haven't posted here in a long time but I do visit as often as I can. Mostly I am on the Tole and Decorative Painting Forum.

    Bookmark   September 26, 2010 at 9:26AM
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Just read through all of the fun comments and hope I kept a smile on my face as I remember people asking me many of the same questions. Now I have to tell one on myself.

About 18 years ago, while visiting family on the other side of the country, we visited a country fair. I was new to crafting at that time and was so impressed with one booth that I not only bought several things that I could have painted myself but explained to the two artists that I live 2100 miles away and really wanted to take pictures of their booth so that I could use some of their ideas in my own. They were tickled! They started explaining how they did this and that and said that if I would come back at the end of the day (it was the last day of the fair) they would show me more! I went back and for years we emailed back and forth.

Just visiting from the painters forum,


    Bookmark   September 29, 2010 at 12:19PM
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The comment that sticks in my mind......customer asked me at a craft show if the $50 price tag on my item was "the best you can do?" I said "No - $100 is the best I can do" Needless to say he didn't buy it....but I kept chuckling to myself for the rest of the day!

    Bookmark   October 18, 2010 at 12:20PM
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A few years back, while doing a craft show I was selling hand bags and was making barbie clothes with my scrap fabric and two older ladies came by and announced rather loudly: They sell these at the dollar store!! Wow... My handbags are selling at the dollar store????? Who would have thought! For the next few years, as they made their rounds to all the shows, we crafters would announce: The dollar store ladies are here today.....Gotta Laugh:)

    Bookmark   October 24, 2010 at 9:43AM
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This thread has me giggling! I've been lurking here for quite awhile, but I just have to tell you all about a comment I heard at a antiques show. A women looking at a piece of furniture said "Somebody made that". Now, I have a strong appreciation of the wonders that mother nature provides, but I have never seen a tree grow into a cupboard on it's own!

    Bookmark   October 31, 2010 at 6:39PM
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" * mammaw123 (My Page) on Sat, Oct 28, 06 at 15:00

LOL! I've heard ALL of these! Especially "I could do that". The other one, not a stupid comment, but one I get tired of hearing, "that's so cute, or so and so needs that!". Then they put it down and walk away!"

I can usually tolerate the "not well thought out comments", but walking around with an item in your hand the entire time your scanning the booth only to put it down (especially nowhere near where you got it from) & leave without getting a thing. I do admit that I have too done this, but usually it's after my DH asks me if I really need it & makes me feel guilty.

I usually make a sale if someone asks me if I made the craft item, it seems to start a friendly conversation. I do sell non-handmade items also & I'm totally honest about that too, if asked. I like to alter things that have been store bought, so I don't get asked if I made it a lot.

    Bookmark   November 1, 2010 at 8:31PM
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The last posting (shpnquen) tickled me because I did the same thing. I found something I really liked, good price, BUT, could not find the crafter to take my money. Finally found her, she was chit-chatting with a friend, I stood there about 5 minutes, and yes she knew I was there. I just put it down next to them and walked out of the booth. They never said a word--just continued visiting. I did watch the booth of and on for about 20 minutes while looking at other things, and she never sold one thing. Why waste the time.

    Bookmark   November 15, 2010 at 10:27PM
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Oh, I've had this happen too mariend, when I was shopping at someone's booth. If you really want to sell something, then you should act like it. I'm not saying to stalk people, but at least show that you appreciate them taking the time to look at your stuff - many people will just stroll on by. And you should REALLY show some appreciation if they have something of yours in their hand. If visiting with a friend is more important, then she should have just saved her booth rent & spent the day with her friend...

    Bookmark   November 23, 2010 at 10:53AM
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I had a lady spend a lot of time admiring my painted Santa tree ornaments. After quite some time, she commented that she never thought of Santa as having blue eyes. I said "Oh, really, what color do you think they should be?" She said she didn't know but not blue. It was probably her way to get out of buying one. She was there so long it was as if she was going to buy the whole lot. Maybe she was trying to memorize them all. Funny the things that you remember! Nancy


    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 9:10PM
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I make QUILTS...had a lady ask me once how long it took to KNIT one!!!

    Bookmark   December 25, 2010 at 5:11AM
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I have really enjoyed reading these comments. I, too, like it when people ask if I made the product myself. I cut items out on a scrollsaw then paint them. Many are very small, like pins or Christmas ornaments. People seemed amazed that a woman does all the work herself. I usually end up in conversations with both the hubby and his wife, and more often than not, make a sale. I also sell signs with "funny" sayings on them. I listen to people read them all day long. I have them set up near my money table. It makes me so happy to see the smiles and hear the laughter that comes from these people. Do I get tired of hearing it, yes, but I would rather they stand there and read them than just walk on buy. I sell about 30/40 per show! I did have a fellow crafter (newbie using a badge maker) come stand in front of my booth and start writing my saying down. I nicely said "Why don't you just look them up on the internet, like I did!" He walked away while other crafters giggled. Sorry this is so long. I am new to posting. Have been doing shows for 18 years.

    Bookmark   February 22, 2011 at 12:15AM
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I was doing a sale when this man came from nowhere and put his hand on one of my items, "IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO??"

As my jaw dropped in shock, I looked at it to see what was wrong.

Then I realized that he was talking about the price.

Another time I wasn't paying much attention when I heard a little girl say, "Granny, you said that you would make me one of these."

"I am," says the granny as she practically has the thing inside out examining it. I buy my supplies wholesale so it would be a lot cheaper for her to buy it than make it.

    Bookmark   March 26, 2011 at 6:51PM
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I don't think I wrote on this before My sisters were wonderful creative women. My oldest even designed items for Herrschners about 40 some years ago. She and a friend of hers opened a little shop north of Chicago called something like "The Hand mades" everything was original and hand crafted. She said the biggest problem they had was people coming in and trying to copy their work.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2011 at 7:25PM
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Imitation is the best form of flattery.

That being said, I have found that people that THINK they can do better very rarely can.

    Bookmark   May 1, 2011 at 5:59PM
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i can see what u all are saying, hearing the same things over and over no matter what they are saying can be annoying. But, you got to keep in mind - having artistic or creative ability is a skill or talent that people look up to, especially those who don't have those skills. so maybe when they are asking if you made it, they are just in awe of the fact that someone CAN make the item. Those of you who can draw, don't you remember as a kid in school, if you were drawing, all the other kids would gather round to watch over your shoulder, mesmerized, as if you were doing magic? Its an ability people admire.

    Bookmark   May 7, 2011 at 8:08PM
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Got another one!

although it's not necessarily at a craft show- I sell glass totems and flowers, and people come up to me when I'm at the craft mall, or I sell some in my yard, ALL excited-
""I"ve seen these at the craft shows!""

ok, so, now what? lol

    Bookmark   October 14, 2011 at 7:09AM
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I have 2 (actually, several each of the 2, placed around my booth) signs posted in my booth.."Sure you can make it yourself, but when will you find the time?" I've made many sales because of this..they look at it and say,"your absolutely right!" Another is "please do not take photos" . I plan on the fact that within a year of adding something new to my line, that I will have to drop it, as other crafters will be making it.:0)

    Bookmark   December 1, 2011 at 2:55AM
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I'm one of who who will say, 'I can do that', but of course it's always easier to buy from someone who already *has*. ;o)

    Bookmark   December 8, 2011 at 11:14PM
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I used to always think "I can make that", but I have to say it was back when I didn't have the money to buy much.

And of course I ususallly didn't make it. Now I'm realizing that there are things that I love to make and other things I should buy, and fortunately now i can afford to buy more!


    Bookmark   December 9, 2011 at 7:18AM
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Grab a snack, cup of coffee and don't plan on moving for one hour...

Here is a link that might be useful: More craft show remarks

    Bookmark   December 12, 2011 at 8:15AM
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I went and read pat of the ETSY thread. There are lots of complaints of people who want to copy. I did a craft show for two years and then moved out of state, but came back to visit the next year. My bigger selling items had been copied by the other vendors. Most of my items were original ideas that I had developed to fit the local niche. My dh said I should go back and do another show so they could have new ideas.

    Bookmark   December 12, 2011 at 11:32PM
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This wasn't a stupic comment but one that made me laugh. It was more of a commentary on the state of things today.
I did my final show of 2011 (#40) and there was this little older lady who came into my booth early Saturday. She was wearing a sweatshirt that read:
"I say Merry Christmas. Deal with it!"

    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 7:46AM
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This post has me laughing again -- look at the date !!

A lady was with her elderly mom .... she was holding mom's arm so she could lean in and look . They were looking at a booth that was selling felted stuff. Grandma leaned toward her daughter and said ( rather loudly ) " I bet all that stuff is made in China" ..... ( she must have forgotten that she was at a craft fair ! LOL ) Gotta love old ladies.

One lady had a booth that was selling rustic/all natural floral wall hangings . She used acorns,leaves,dried flowers, twigs,branches etc. One lady was looking at one of wall hangings and asked the seller " Are those branches real?" The seller politely answered they were real. I must have been the only one that thought it was funny to ask about branches - like a crafter is going to handmake replicas of branches! LOL I would never say that outloud,but sometimes my brain just switches to sarcasm mode.

I really do enjoy craft fairs & love the people no matter what :)Alot of us are doing some of the stuff we're laughing at !!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 4:47PM
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I am incredibly saddened that original items are being stolen and copied.

I have thought, "I could do that." I have frequently been wrong.

I love to craft and frequently make it up as I go along. Currently I am developing a line of barbie clothes mostly for my own edification.

For all the crafters reading this thread. I would like you all to know how much I appreciate the time and thought you put into your projects. I love looking at them and buying those that I need. BTW my kitchen is in the tuscan colors please keep this in mind when you do the kitchen appliance covers. Thank you.

    Bookmark   January 31, 2012 at 10:41AM
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OK, first show of 2012.

There was a lady who I guess was fed up with the "I can make that" customer, so she had this sign in her booth:

"I know you think you can make it, but you won't, so buy mine."

    Bookmark   February 3, 2012 at 10:53AM
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I have heard of another version of that sign (might be buried in this thread which I'm not going to read it all again):
"I know you can make this, but when ever will you find the time?"

BTW, when I used to think "I can make that" its not so much to take someone else's design, I was thinking "I know how to knit/crochet/sew etc, I should make my own sweater/afgan/apron" etc etc. Not their version but my own.


    Bookmark   February 4, 2012 at 8:34AM
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