Lighted Wine bottles (Tutorial)

sosoOctober 23, 2006

First drill a hole in the back of bottle near the bottom

using a 3/4" diamond core bit.

We order these from Diamond drill company

They have a wesite.

Next, in order to coat the bottles so they won't peel

too easily, I spray them with several coats of polyurethae


Next, measure out about 1/4 cup of mod podge.

Next, add 2 or 3 drops of white acrylic paint and stir.

Next, take a throw away glass jar to test with

and sponge a small area. Let it dry and then decide if it

needs more drops of white paint to get the look you want.

You want a sheer look but enough white so the sring of the lights is cammoflauged

Next, Using a soft, 2" paint brush....I quickly apply a thin coat over the entire bottle and then quickly use the brush tips to pounce over the entire bottle.

Practice on an old pickle jar or something first.

I do it fast so it won't dry before I am finished.

Let them dry 24 hours and then I seal with a glossy

waterbase varnish, like ceramcoat varnish.

Let that dry 24 hours.

Next I wrap raffia around the neck of the bottle

Next tie on a few grape leaves....cut from garland.

Next I run raffia thro the loop at the top of grape

stem and tie grapes onto neck of bottle.

Next I take several strands of raffia and wrap over

stems at neck of bottle once or twice and then make a bow.

Next, take 20 clear light string and push one blb at a time into back of bottle

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How wonderful of you to share the instructions ... that's the true spirit of what this forum is about . My only question is ... those are wine bottles, right ? Does the crafter have to empty them ????
No problem-o !!!! ROFLMAO .....

Toasting to soso ~~~~ :P

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Yup..! DH tells everyone that the hardest part
is getting all those bottles empty.

We get them at a winery,,,,used after wine tastings.

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Thank you soooo very much for your instructions!! I cant wait to get started on making my own. I jsut hope I can make mine as wonderful as yours.

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SoSo - Very beautiful bottles, you did a fantastic job. What do you mean when you say "they won't peel too easily." What are you referring to when you say "peel." Are you talking about after you whitewash them then sponge on the paint? Thanks for your reply.

Below is pic of my Antique Bottle w-Lights. I pulled back the ivy vine and grapes so you would see there is a bubble inside the bottle which I put a small birdnest's with two birdies inside of it. You can see the hole for the bubble by the grapes and the spout of the bottle on the other side. I grabbed two more of these bottle at a yard sale this past summer, hoping to do the same or something different with them (any ideas).


Here is a link that might be useful:

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coatings and frosting on bottles tend to come off easily.
Crafters use to coat them with future floor wax to give more grip onto the bottle.

I use the polyurethane spray.

If you have time to let the bottles cure for months
the coating becomes more durable.
I have to be careful when packing in boxes to keep
the prongs from the electic cord from scratching the coating off.

I love your bottle., that was a great way to use it.
I can't think of anything that would be better than that.

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I realize the paint is cost effective, but couldn't you use the etching spray or cream? Or is that what you meant by "frosting"? I have extra etch spray and etching cream I thought perhaps I could use.

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I tried all the different products and wasn't happy with the results of any.
If I made a few for gifts, I might use spray frosting.

I make several hundred of these bottles a year, so profit is a big consideration.. I use very few spray products for
a lot of reasons. Cost, breathing fumes, having no place to spray during freezing weather---- just not a big fan of sprays

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i tried to drill a hole using a drill bit for glass. I went slow but it still cracked a little. Any suggestions?

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I like the idea of useing mod podge, sounds kinda like the white glue and food coloring look, I might give it a try think I have one bottle left, I usely set my bottles after painting by a small heater and it kinda bakes the paint on. thanks for shareing !
Leighwhitney, sometimes if you spray the area before drilling with WD-40 it helps, or if you are useing a battery drill you can fill the bottle with water, and have a helper pour water over bottle while drilling, just some ideas that might help.

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Thank you so much for sharing this, it is very generous of you!
I found that a local glass shop will drill holes into anything I want(as long as it's not valuble) for $2.00 each. They have been a lifesaver with Glass Blocks and canning jars.
Now with these instructions I'll have to give this a try.


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I have a couple of wine bottles similar to this I have purchased over the years and would now like to try it myself. Mine have a protective plastic guard where the hole was drilled through the glass. I imagine this is to protect and reinforce the hole as well as protect from cuts. Do you know where I could find these, or what they are called?

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I was looking for ideas on how to recylce holiday lights...and was referred to this post. Those wine bottles and that antique bottle are exquisite!!!

I have a bad habit of purchasing mass quantities of holiday lights after the Christmas season...I just can't resist the price :o)

Now I need to figure out what to do with them. Really do love the bottles. Am going to have to set aside time to make one or two of those.

Since I collect ruby red thinking I can set lights in the antique ruby red vases, jars and bottles that I display along the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets (wouldn't dare drill holes in them though).

Perhaps glistening lights high above will add to the ambiance during dinner :o)

Really do love those wine bottles ya'll made. AWESOME!!!

~ Cat

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heatherjo - you can get these at a hardware store or Home Depot - they are little black rubber grommets, I believe they come in a variety of sizes.


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just in case you can't locate these, here is a possible source


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I know I've ready that you need to use a spray bottle of water to keep the area wet while you drill, but has anyone also used tape on the area before drilling? Maybe the blue painters tape? Does that help?

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made of wood. then DH puts on blue tape and marks a dot where he wants the hole. THen he runs water over it while drilling. I'd say about 3 of 4 of them survive (the other breaks).

Also, to get the label off, I boil hot water in a teakettle and pour into the bottle. A few minutes later the label usually peels off pretty easily.

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This post is from 2006 !! I'm just so happy to see our crafts are "timeless" !

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There was some dreadful wine-type beverage I purchased last holiday season that came in a frosted bottle - but I wouldn't drink a lot of it.

I had trouble getting the lights in. I should have used a larger drill bit like the one suggested here. The first directions I came across suggested 1/2 inch. That's a tad small.

I found a string of 20 LED lights at Big Lots just before Christmas. I thought the number was about right, and it had a plug on only one end. (many have plugs on both in case you want to assemble a long string of lights.)

I saved the label as it was kind of a joke between DH and I, and he passed away after I purchased the wine, but before I made the light. The label is a re-print of an old bicycle poster with a naked woman holding a bicycle, flying through the sky.

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