Army craft ideas?

jcatblumOctober 28, 2011

Seeking a few EASY inexpenisive Army themed items.

DH is now working with basic trainees. At each graduation they like to set up a booth of some kind. The money from the booth sales goes to FRG (supports family activities in the unit, Christmas Parties, etc).

Items would be sold to the family members of the sodiers completing basic training. They need to be small since most have traveled a long distance.

I considered coasters out of Army fabric, wall hangings, scrapbook items ~I have 2 cricuts, maybe tiles with vinyl saying my son is serving in the Amry. Any ideas, likes, dislikes. Next graduation date won't be until spring so I have time to work on things & gather my thoughts. DH just asked me today, so caught me WAY off!

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Do you have outdoor rated vinyl? You could make bumper stickers with your cricket. Are they all men - sons, could be some daughters too. I like the idea of coasters from army fabric. On the garden junk forum we have a thread about making things from bullet casings. You might check that out.

Good luck. Sounds like you have some time. Can you get a few other people to help you?


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This won't help much but in our local grocery store yesterday was a grocery cart that looked like it was "dressed in fatigues" the fabric or whatever it was that was in camouflage was woven back & forth though the cart going all around it parallel to the ground. Then it had a bag hanging down on outside right corner like a green army man's deep pocket(from a pair of pants) a stripe under where you place your hands while shopping said"We Support our Troops" I thought it was such a nice thing to do. Could you make bracelets of stretch cord from craft store with the green,brown & tan colors & letters spelling out "Army" Earrings to go with them with the 3 colors dangling down. I keep thinking about canteens but can't think of what to do with them. OH, get some fabric in army colors that is insulated & make water bottle covers with a tab to go over your purse or belt or with cord to go around your neck. Army looking eyeglass holders hand made. Maybe playing cards holder with Velcro closure. Easy to take with you. Maybe if you could get soft nice fabric to make pillowcases so kids could feel closer to dad while he is away, or while mom is away! Hope this helps! Jan

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Another thought get dollar store diary & redo the front & back so kids or adults can write their feelings or what they did to tell their loved ones when they get chance to talk to them or just vent about how they are feeling or if they are lonely. Cheap holders for photos with army looking front & back with some pics of person leaving would help "keep them close". Jan

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I can't really think of crafts for this theme. I've never been to this type of graduation. Would selling flowers like you give someone at the airport or a balloon bouquet be appropriate? Or themed boutonnieres and corsages? What about ribbons or buttons that say things like "Proud parent of an Army Soldier?" or the above mentioned bumper sticker or magnets. How about bakery cupcakes or cookies? Put out a donation box.

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You could find fatigue material and make bottle cozies - I'm sure there's a pattern online or just buy one and cut it apart for a pattern. Line it with batting of some sort.

Make simple place mats - cut suitable-sized rectangles of camo material, line with batting and sew them up. Again, a pattern should be online or get one from a thrift store and take it apart.

I think finding the material will be your biggest challenge! Here are the results of a search for camouflage material:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=5bab6a0b79449b6e&biw=1024&bih=649

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For material I will use old ACU's. So cost will be min & material will be authentic. Found some really cute keychains, that could be addapted for the soldiers name tape to fit on the keychain. Also found a site where I can order dogtags, and put things like "Praying for my Soldier" & such. Thanks for the ideas, I am going to play around with a variety of items & see what is easiest & quickest for me. Since there are not many volunteers, and crafty volunteers are even harder to come by!~~~ Which is why one of my first ideas was coasters, ACU fabric, quilted in a small square, bundle 4 together & tie with a cute ribbon. Cost would be very low & not much time invested.

I think klenex holders could be a good easy one. Lots of tears at graduation, so include a pack of kleenex with the holder. I will keep brainstorming, and trying different items! Thanks for all the input so far.

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A little OT...but my son who is retired from the Army, brought his flight suits to the younger son. Didn't fit and they sat around here for the summer. I'm making him a throw quilt for Christmas using all the pockets. These things must have 2 dozen pockets in each suit. Each pocket will have something special in it...memories of his life. Pebbles from childhood, shells from the beach, buttons of yore, etc.

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I love the quilt idea emagineer. A neighbor growing said she had a guilt made by one of her great grandmothers. The great grandmother had made it from the blue and grey uniforms her sons had worn in the civil war.

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