Any day off is a good day to cook!

teresa_nc7January 1, 2014

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you are all warm and healthy this day. If you plan to watch football, then I hope your team wins! If you plan to un-decorate the house, then I hope you have help! LOL! If you plan to stay in and cook on a day off, then I'm with you!

Yesterday our office closed at 3:00 PM and I came home and took a short nap. Then I made some Rustic Italian bread, by hand I might add - no KA mixer even. It turned out great and was quick and easy.

This morning I made some Pepper Relish with the leftover peppers from my Chow Chow project after Christmas. Next will be country style pork ribs, sauerkraut, potatoes, carrots and onions in the pressure cooker for lunch or dinner tonight. Maybe a late lunch?

So.....are you cooking today for the New Year? I might make some cooked cabbage or slaw since I have part of a head of cabbage on hand. But you all can have my share of the black-eyed peas - LOL!


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Happy new year, Theresa, and to all of you.

Right now, I'm baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies from dough I froze before the holidays. Soon I will be putting a sirloin pork roast and sauerkraut into the oven. Potatoes are peeled and ready to cook and mash and cranberry applesauce made and frozen in the fall is defrosting. That's our traditional good luck New Year's Day dinner and I rarely deviate from it.

Other than that, not much cooking happening here but I did make a big pot of bean and wheat berry soup last night to have on hand for tomorrow's snowstorm.

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Happy New Year all!

It has been snowing here since yesterday at 2 pm and they say it will finish late tonight. And I am not cooking today, just playing at stuff today.

I am also breaking tradition and not making a pork roast today as we had one 3 days ago. Instead it will be beef Rouladen (bacon inside) with red cabbage and potato dumplings. I made 12 rouladen about 2 weeks ago and froze them in the gravy for several meals. Pork and cabbage are covered.

Weatherman has said that the high for next Monday will be 3 degrees, so I will do some cooking then and warm up the house.

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Can't remember ever NOT having pork & sauer kraut, with some kinda potatoes, on New Years Day. Sister has long been transplanted from the SE PA area to the DC area, so she also has black-eyed peas. Ive never had them... no particular reason, just haven't.

Decided to cook/eat my way outta 2013 and into 2014. Thought I had a decent sized hunka pork in freezer, but NO? Did find a half rack of baby backs... cooked them yesterday and have been picking at them since last night.

Since hunka pork I had was small (about half of a single pork tenderloin) went out this morning for something more substantial... left-overs only seem to get better IMO... lunch for tomorrow when back to school after a LONG break. Have some frozen periogies getting ready to be boiled up and added to porl/kraut. I like to cook pork a LONG time... till falling apart.

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Happy New Year Teresa!!
I've got rolls rising, and French onion soup in the crock-pot. I've never made it before so am hoping it's delicious!

We don't have a "traditional" meal for NY, so I'm making breaded chicken breasts with green beans and sweet and white potatoes cut in chunks and roasted with garlic cloves and olive oil.

Right now the Winter Classic hockey game is on, and we're watching. It's an outdoor game held every year. This year it's in Ann Arbor Michigan; Toronto vs Detroit. -13F, and with 115,000 spectators freezing their buns off, it might be a Guinness record.

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Happy New Year to the Cooking Forum!

I'll have to live vicariously and just envision everyone's pork and sauerkraut this year as we too are breaking tradition. Plus all the sides!

Twofold: Embarrassed to admit my menu, but I am just so TIRED of cooking at this point and it's every man/woman for himself/herself. May I tell you I'm happy that I have no guests? Sweats are fine!

Mishmash (better know as something for everyone)

Hopping John
Salad with chicken
Serious Eats - Foolproof Pan Pizza
Leftover homemade minestrone

All are responsible for their own heating/cleaning dishes. Feel free to get a bowl of cereal if still hungry. If you're the yogurt eater, you've chosen wisely:)

Love all everyone's menus -- wish I were coming to your house:)

Cathy in SWPA

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No cooking for me today, we went to some friends' house for Lasagne dinner.


Saturday I will be cooking my tail off. I have to make Hash Brown Quiche and a lemon loaf dessert for a co-worker who is recovering from surgery. I have to make Oatmeal Cake for Tim's family get-together on Sunday. I have to make a large pot of Sherry's Beef Barley Soup to take the following weekend for a girl's scrapbooking weekend.

Not to mention daily meals for Tim and me. Saturday will be busy!


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