Osage Oranges/Hedge apples

ryseryse_2004October 31, 2013

Any craft ideas for these? We have hundreds of them littering the lawn and the tree is still half full!

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I use them to fill my pots after the summer flowers die off in the frost. Last year I added oasis foam in the pot, used the hedge apples and evergreen boughs and some sprays from the craft store with a bit of glitter. Very eye-catching.

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When I was a little kid, we had a friend that figured out how to cut them in round slices, dried them in the oven and them painted them to look like daisies. Not sure of exact details, but they looked pretty.

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When I was a much younger girl, my neighbor use to make
flowers from them too. Her son would slice them with a saw
then she'd hammer three holes in the center, dry them in the oven, then paint them, wire them to a floral stem add leaves and make floral arrangements. That neighbor lady was who taught me a lot of crafty things, some of which are making a comeback now, forty some years later.

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