fall arrangement

donnas_gwOctober 11, 2008

I had so many fall flowers and leaves that I decided to make an arrangement in a basket. I took 2 pictures, one from the front and one from the side. I like the side view better LOL. I wonder if I should have given the basket itself some color?

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Your fall arrangement is very pretty. It sure would look great in the center of my diningroom table. Do you need my address? LOL

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Oh no, the basket is great in the natural color brings out the yellow in the leaves! Since you don't have a lot of other yellow that is perfect to set them off. It looks lovely sitting there on that bench!! Jan

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I love the basket exactly as it is, it's beautiful :)

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I love the colors. Don't ya just love fall....

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sorry lindaohnowga, I cannot part with it LOL. sunnyca, I left it right on the bench. Took some wire to secure it so it wouldn't blow away. Actually, I've added a few more flowers since posting the pics. I put in a few more yellow flowers, added some small rust colored sunflowers and placed a large pumpkin on the opposite end of the bench. Thanks kudzukween, I'm leaving the basket as is. leveta, yes, I definitely love Fall, and it's because of those beautiful colors!!

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I soooo love your arrangement! beautiful colors, and the basket looks great the way it is, lets the eye see your beautiful flowers!

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thanks oddie! I still find myself adding another flower or fall leaf LOL. I'm not going to touch the basket, just leave it as is.

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