crafts on this site....question

donnas_gwOctober 8, 2007

I'm fairly new to this site. The pictures of the craft items that some of you show are great!! Do the crafts have to be your own ideas or can they be made using store bought patterns like Simplicity, McCalls, etc? I posted a picture under "my scarecrow" last week. He was made using a McCalls pattern. I'm wondering if I should have posted that picture, since it seems that the crafts here are ones that people have come up with using their imagination. Most of what I do involves using a pattern. If it weren't for patterns, I'd be Just let me know. Thanks.


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Hi, Donna,
I don't think there are any hard rules here. Everybody is friendly. Welcome to the crafting community!

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Looking forward to seeing more of your crafts. There's nothing wrong with using a pattern!!

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I'm new to this site, but so far I have not seen any craft police.-LOL Welcome. We love pictures.

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I've been here for years and I haven't spotted any craft cops either.
Everyone has to start somewhere. Just feel free to jump in any time
and share your things with us.

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The only thing I have noticed over the years when posting is people tend to get a little upset if you use their pattern but claim it's your own work. That's where you have to watch it. Just tell us that...that the craft is your version of so and so's pattern.

Crafters one and all are welcome!

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Post away!

Although - somewhere deep in the fine print in the message board rules it states:

* All posted material becomes the property of this site.

So...if you have a really great original idea, you might think twice about posting that!

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Thanks everyone! I don't do alot of crafts, but when I do, I use a pattern. I also make wreaths. I have other crafts that I've done, but I will have to take photos before posting them.

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Welcome to the forum Donna, sure hope you'll come more often and share your crafts with us. We love pics! No there are no craft police as others have said and of course you can post something you made from a pattern. You'll meet some wonderful folks in here, and we love newcomers also.


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