Bathroom Plunger craft

ggksOctober 31, 2010

My computer at home is on the blink but I have something that has never been told about.

Use a new plunger with a wooden handle or a used one that has been scrubbed very clean including the rubber part. Paint the wooden handle whatever color you want. Let dry very dry and then paint the handle with a clear protective coat. If you are using a plunger that has an extra rubber part on the inside, turn it in to the inside so that it will stand up better. Now it is ready to put the rolls of toilet paper on and put in the bathroom. It will hold 5 or 6 rolls.


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What a clever idea to hide that ugly plunger... I think I will have to try this.. Thanks for sharing

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We used to make those...but not with a plunger we used those antique metal things that looked like a plunger but I think they were to wash clothes with...A whole lot easier to touch than thinking about where that rubber plunger might have been...

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I think I would use ONLY a new plunger!

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new plungers can hold a roll of paper towels in the bathroom or garage or work shop.

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