Made From Vintage Hankies-Bonnets,Sachets, Church Dolls +

kudzukweenOctober 25, 2009

check out the things I made with the hankies I won at Love2 unk's blog. Baby Bonnet that goes from baby to bride. Sachet for scenting drawers. Church dolls to hold coins for collection plate. all of these would be great gifts to make for Christmas and for wedding,baby and bridal showers; and for new baby can find poems online, there is a link on my blog.

hope you like!


Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Your work is beautiful so professional and complete thanks for sharing love those "hankies"

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thank you Minnie! I forgot to mention I have how-to's and a link to some poems to use :D very easy to make!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Very pretty!

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Love the baby caps & church dolls!! I made a pumpkin just to have a sample on hand & tried taking the thread off a satin ball, that was OK but try putting a crease in it with a plastic knife--hardly made a dent, so I tried scissors & slipped & nearly cut myself. So went & got regular Styrofoam balls & they are easy to mark & push in for the top & bottom. Save the satin ones (& your hands) for another craft. But I went back to your blog, Cherry & couldn't find what you put on to "age" them. Vanilla, cinnamon ,white clue(I think) & something else???? What am I missing?? Jan

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thanks ya'll...these are easy :D
the pumpkins,too! I mixed cheap white school glue, vanilla, coffee,(or tea)--that is brewed, I used what was leftover in the coffee pot:D...umm, I think I even added apple cinnamon oil scent. it smells good. the coffee and glue mixed together gets that coffee-with-cream- color. ( or tea)
i tore up pieces of orange tissue paper....but you can use torn pieces of newspaper dipped in water-glue mix or coffee -glue mix, like papier mache` then paint it orange then use the coffee-glue glaze over it. it would be faster and easier that way..or leave out the paper and just paint it orange and glaze it
have fun!

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I think I should warn anyone working with colored tissue paper that the color really comes off when wet.I was tired & wanted to have a sample 1 done by mon. craft club so I wasn't paying much attention. I found that it was best to smooth the tissue on with a bristle type brush about 1 in. wide, I had tried a foam brush & it was falling apart, either old or reacted with the glue.LOL Anyway I set it on tin foil to dry overnight & went to wash my hands & then I noticed they were a mess. So might want to wear latex or similar gloves. I mentioned that the satin balls I had wouldn't work for this but I think they would be perfect if you were pinning ribbons or something else on them as they are very dense(at least mine are). GF & I are making button Christmas trees that someone on this forum made last yr. They were just beautiful & I have lots of old buttons. I had 2 old 12 in. tall cones & sprayed them with gold metallic paint that I had been given. We are using 20 gauge gold colored wire to put them on the cone, I'm hoping not to glue any as I may want to use a few of the buttons eventually. If I have to glue it will be the wire that gets the glue not the button. But at very top had a little trouble with foam breaking I think because wires were so close together to start. It's working well now. I'm sorry I can't come up with pics & can't even take any off my camera until DD figures out why some got erased. I don't use credit cards & so Kodak was going to start charging so she moved them somewhere else. My youngest bro. is whiz with computer even builds them ,too bad none of it rubbed off on me!!DD learned but she goes so fast I can't write down what she is doing. I got a couple of the books. Computers for idiot's at least showed the parts of computer & what they are called. But I keep getting tripped up by windows, either that I bring up or that show up. I would just like most of them to go away but lot don't & then I'm in trouble. Wish it would say "Do you want to add this program?' followed by yes or no. Don't think Bill Gates ever heard of the word "no"!!!LOL have been thinking(rare event)while I wrote this that the cone button/jewelry trees might have been in with last yr's SS Christmas posts & maybe not on here but on GJ forum. Maybe they will show them again as they were wonderful. 1 in pastels with Victorian look & 1 in gold tones with such a rich look to it. Jan

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