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laurabethmswNovember 19, 2012

The one on the left is the house we hope to build because we love the layout and size (see previous post), the right is our inspiration for materials. We want all stone with that old cottage feel. I'm wondering if our elevation will look okay with these materials: stone, shutters, shingle. If we did all stone, would you make the large window in front that juts out stucco? Yes, I know they are expensive but are in the budget. THANKS!

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I am not a professional, but I think that house would look darling (and certainly cottage-y) in all stone with shingles. Why would you want to just put stucco on one portion, though? To me, it would seem unbalanced as the only stucco element.

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Thanks! I just can't figure out what else to do with that part that juts out a tad (just the part with the window). I'm searching Houzz for ideas now :) I just don't think stone on stone would work there, but maybe...

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I would do all stone :) I am "old school" though and think you should change materials only when it makes sense - i.e., if the building was added on to over time. I don't see a change in materials just on the jut out.

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I'm not liking the idea of shutters, especially for the large window in the front. The shutters are going to be too narrow and will look out of proportion.

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Yea, will probably only do shutters above the garage. Thanks everyone!

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