My first craft show this year - reporting

toomuchglassOctober 13, 2007

I just got back from my first craft show ( buying - not selling ) and sorry to say , it was a big disappointment. Just to be fair - it was held in a school gym , there's no jurying involved so anyone can participate. Out of 100 booths - I'd say 70% was beaded jewelry. The rest was knitting /crocheting or sewn stuff. The stuff was beautiful , but nothing new to report. I know that beaded jewelry is hot -- last year at the big shows they'd only allow so much jewelry and that was it. I'm sure once the season get's going - there will be lots more to report !

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I went to a craft show today too and I'll agree with Kathy, way too many of jewelry crafters. I will say a lot of the jewelry items were gorgeous but I don't wear a lot of it these days. I suppose if that's what you're after, that's good, but me, I'm looking for the homemade country/prim crafts. There were some beautiful crafts of course. I sought out this one gal who makes handmade felt ornies and I spent just under $20. I was a good girl then and handed all my cash over to my girlfriend so I couldn't spend anymore. One gal was selling decorated Xmas trees and she had sold all of them except for two. She was then taking orders. They were really nice. One was a fall tree and the others were Xmas. The painted gourds were awesome and I could have grabbed the Halloween painted one for $25 but as I said, I was a good girl and to keep me from spending way too much which can easily be done with my pocketbook. I have this craft addiction you see... and I just can't get enough of it. LOL, but then again, no laughs cause it can get me in trouble. I especially liked the holiday tablerunners, those were $25 or more. Then the hand lotions, soaps and candles were all around also. The handmade wooden sconces were nice but a little pricey if you ask me. I really need to learn how to use the scroll saw I bought, it would save so much in wood things I need for my projects. One gal whose been at this particular show before does the prim stuff and with no $$ on me, all I could do was look. I think she should sell on eBay, her stuff is that nice and I think folks were snatch it right up. I talked to her to do it and she said she's thought about it before but was afraid too. I told her if I can do it, anyone can. It is disappointing when something you labored over doesn't sell, but then again, that's what eBay is all about. Ok, I'm rattling on here, need to get some housecleaning done, or should I craft instead!!!


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Thanks for the reports! I was selling at the Farmer's Market this morning and folks are starting to buy Christmas! I only took a few but sold most of it - need to make more if I plan on selling at 8 shows this year! Also sold the usual potato bags and aprons - need to make more for kids and grandmas - thank goodness I have the material...

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I'm working on items for a craft show at our church the first Saturday in November. I wanted to ask you about the Christmas trees they were selling at the craft show you recently visited: what size were they? were they lighted? in unusual containers? I'm the craft committee chair for this church fundraiser, and I like to decorate smaller - 15-inch trees in clay pots and decorate them with flowers, cinnamon stars, ribbon, etc. I've only completed one because I'm afraid they won't sell. I just finished four nice fall florals - did each one different one in a basket, one in a wooden box, one in an old sewing drawer and one on a fairly large bale of straw. I like to use different containers. We've also painted some gourds (first time), and are making a scrapbook picture which can be personalized of a snowman family. When I have time, I'll take some photos and try to post them in the gallery. I just haven't had time to slow down long enough to do it. I'm pricing everything and putting the finishing touches on items created by other crafters. I used to do large shows several years ago, but it just wore me out. Our church had a Garden Delight fundraiser the Sunday before Mother's Day this year, and we created mosaic bowling balls. We took orders for 24 and sold them for $50 each and then we had a silent auction on the remaining 11 balls. A couple of them went as high as $175. It was fun, but I don't want to do that again any time soon. Hope to hear from you about the Christmas trees.


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Rosie, send me an email please - with Xmas trees in subject line

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Speaking of trees, I had this bright idea to make my own using a block of florist's foam and some branches from a tree I bought at the Goodwill -- actually harder than it looks, I'll wait now for Walmart or a Dollar Store to have some mini trees - the Jewelry thing is way out of control, don't ya think? I went to an outdoor craft market in the summer and there were at least 40 jewelry sellers there, got bored of it after the first 5! And not cheap either, but them I tend to look for the under $20 items and don't plan to spend $40-$60 on one single thing.
Suzan J

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I went to a craft show today. It is so disappointing when so many of the items are obviously not handmade. I agree with sjarz, the jewelry is too expensive for my pocketbook, and there are too many people selling it--this show even had a Cookie Lee jewelry booth. Newest thing I saw was allot of painted canvas panels, very cute designs, but cost was $30.00 each. They also had allot of white metal garden items--again, higer priced. I usually won't spend more than $20 on any one item either. I did buy some cute little things--tootsie pops covered in felt with painted on faces. There were ghosts and pumpkins. And I bought a snowman that was the Now & Later candy wrapped to look like a snowman. Also bought some really pretty crystal icicles to hang on my Christmas tree--$8.95 for 18. My favorite thing was some of the cute yard stakes--some were painted wood, some were metal--$17.95 and up. I can make my own much cheaper, thank you very much. And one lady does appliques on shirts, skirts, etc. that are great, but way out of my budget. However, It was fun to look at all of it and I love the festive atmosphere too. Luvs

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