Anyone make candy???

deedeebakerOctober 14, 2007

Does anyone make candy, such as chocolate covered pretzels,taffies, for the holidays,showers, graduations, etc. and if so do you sell them? I'm thinking of doing this for extra income plus I want to do something diferent (getting tired of office work)

I did this several years ago, loved doing it, but didn't have any success at selling them at craft fairs. Had great success selling to co-workers, family, etc. I'm just curious as to what you sell and where you sell.I'm not looking to take anyones ideas I'm just curious as to what other people do. Also, has anyone ever had any success with advertising on their own website? That's something I'm also thinking of doing. Thanks!!!

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Hi Deedee, I don't sell it, but after reading your post yesterday, I did pay particular attention to the candy booth while I was at a craft show.

She had really cute packaging and was giving out samples. For example the chocolate coated pretzels were two to a package and were in cellophane bags with little pumpkins on them. She had a couple kinds of fudge, taffy, chocolate bark, etc. Everything was packaged nice enough that it could be given to someone as a gift.

Hope this helps a little bit. Maybe others will have more input for you. Best of luck.


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Hi deedee, I just wanted to say if you show buyers how the candy can be used, say tied to the ribbon on a package or gift basket, it will help your sales. The reality is that many buyers can't imagine how they would use the candy as a gift other than just handing it to the recipient. Marketing, marketing, marketing : )

Good luck!


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Thank you so much for your suggestions. Angelcub I like your idea. It was something I never thought of. Luvstocraft, thanks for letting me know what you saw at the craft fair. If you don't mind me asking where was the craft fair?

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No, I don't mind. It is called Crafts Unlimited and was in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. They usually have a couple shows in this area each year and they do shows in at least one other town in this area too I think. I've been going to their shows for years. Always very nicely done, and held in various places, depending on what buildings are available. This year in was in a huge room at a Winery. Luvs

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