I made the pop can ghosts

donnas_gwOctober 25, 2007

Made a daddy, momma and baby ghost. Used the pop cans for the body for momma and daddy. I used an empty pudding cup turned upside down for baby's body and a 1 1/2" styrofoam ball for head. I think I used 3" balls for the parent's heads. The daddy looks the best. I think I made the momma's mouth too large, and too round. Looks like she's singing! The baby...LOL, LOL, her eyes are SO big it looks like SHE'S seen a ghost!! Sorry, no pictures.

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I am sure they are all three very cute! sometimes its the mistakes we make that make them so cute, why shouldnt a mamma ghost sing, and most kids eyes would get very big if mamma started to sing LOL! Love it!

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Wish you could share pics for us to see. Bet they look cute! I know Oddie is pleased that she inspired you to do a project, that's the fun part of sharing ideas here. Luvs

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that was funny oddie LOL. Everytime I look at them, that's what I think and it makes me laugh. I used white fabric that was only $1.00 a yard instead of cheese cloth. I sewed 1/2" white lace around the bottoms of the momma's and baby's "dresses"..lol. I'm not good at all when it come to doing faces. Instead of painting the eyes on, I tried to find something oval I could use. I remembered my low-temp glue gun which uses large oval glue sticks. I took one and dabbed it in some black paint and pressed it onto the faces for the eyes. After giving the momma and baby a round mouth, I decided to use the glue stick method on the daddy for his mouth. They are very cute!!

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luvstocraft, I'm working on getting that digital camera..lol. When I do, I'll probably need someone to help me figure out how to get the pictures from the camera onto here. I think you have to have some kind of disk or something that plugs into your computer, (I think).

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When you are ready, there are some really good tutorials on here to help you post them. In fact, Evelyncraftdiva just posted one a few days ago with pictures and everything--you might want to find it and save it so you will have it when you need it. We will look forward to seeing your craft pics. Luvs

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I like making the can ornaments, too. Not only are you making a cute craft, but recycling as well. Can't wait to see your ghosts!

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Donna what a clever Idea to use the glue stick ! I will keep that in mind, sure wish we could see your ghost!
Happy Crafting

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