fusible webbing question

donnas_gwOctober 11, 2007

I know that you apply fusible webbing onto the back of fabric using an iron. You then peel the backing off to apply it onto another piece of fabric, again using an iron. How do yo apply fabric that already has this fusible webbing onto other surfaces, such as wood? Do you use an iron here also? I've even seen fabric on lampshades using fusible webbing. How in the world would you iron a lampshade...LOL.

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I don't know about a lampshade - I think it might melt!

I have ironed fabric onto wood and also paper bags with no trouble.

I have made gift bags using WonderUnder (WU) (that is the fusible I like)

I trace the pattern pieces right onto the WU by placing it over the pattern. You need to reverse the pattern to make it come out right using that technique.

Then I roughly cut out the WU pattern pieces and iron them to the correct fabric (on the back side). Then I cut them out on the line, peel off the backing, assemble it correctly on the plain gift bag, and iron it on.

These make great gifts also, just give a set of custom made gift bags!

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iowagirl...I, too thought a lampshade would melt if you used an iron to fuse it on. Awhile back, I used to get Craft magazines, and I remember an advertisement where it showed a lady had applied fabric to almost everything in one of the rooms of her house using fusible webbing. Lampshades, waste baskets, etc. I can't recall everything in that picture, as I no longer have the magazines. But I had to wonder "how did she get fabric fused onto that"?? In the past, I had done a few sweat-shirts at Christmas time using fusible webbing to fuse appliques cut out of Christmas fabrics onto the shirts. It was ok until I washed the shirts a few times. Then the appliques would start to come away from the shirts. Not just around the edges, but the entire appliques. The appliques had sort of a bumpy look and feel all over. You could tell they were coming away from the shirts. I haven't done another one since. Was I not applying enough heat when fusing them on?

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You really need to sew them down, even if you fuse them on.

I use the fusing as just a temporary way to keep them down until I stitch them on, either by blanket stitch hand or buttonhole stitch on the machine.

They did have a product that was similar to fusible web, except it was just sticky - kind of like double stick tape, but paper backed on both sides. You could stick one side down and cut out the pattern, then peel the other side off and apply. I haven't seen it for years though. That would work on lampshades, etc.

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I would NOT use an iron on a lamp shade...melting would be most likely happen if you tried to iron on a lamp shade...but you could use spray adhesive and apply the fabric to a lamp shade in that manner...make sure to always read the instructions on the spray can first...they are not all the same, some are permant as some are what they call repostional I would go with the repostional...as putting fabric onto a lamp shade will be alot of fun I'm sure!!

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