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kassikoloNovember 16, 2012

So i think we are ready to draw up this plan and finalize it..any suggestions before we do that?

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What is going on in the kitchen area? What is the small island in the main kitchen? It appears to just have two foot aisles around it, which is cramped. Then, what is the larger island area for? If that is part of your "kitchen," it is really far from... everything.

Can you make the window in your hallway bathroom the same size as the window in your master bathroom? From the outside, that would lend some consistency to that side.

The windows in the master bedroom look like they are right against the adjacent walls. Is that the case? (It's hard to see.) That would look strange, unless the house is contemporary. Also, it would make window treatments difficult.

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This is going to result in a rather big and bulky proportioned exterior. Hope that's what you expect.

Good luck on your project.

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Your master toilet--is that a door? Do not have an inswing door there (if it is).

I see that the hall bath has a large toilet/bath room. You don't HAVE to have an outswing door there for safety (like you do in your MB). Are you doing that for function? I think I would make it an inswing, if you can't do pocket.

I'm not sure your study doors will work with the stairs like that--but you can work that out with your designer.

And, I agree the kitchen is odd.

What is the little square between the master door and the master closet?

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The only things I would suggest is either swapping the MBR and the MBR bathroom or insulating the wall between the MBR and the family room so that you do not hear too much between the rooms.

Also maybe work a closet between the two secondary bedrooms so they have a noise buffer also.

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I'm thinking like amtrucker. I would look at swapping the master bath/closet and the master bedroom. I'd want more privacy from the main areas of the house and also would allow two walls to put windows in and this is nice when you open windows for cross ventilation as well as more light.

I also wonder about the kitchen and the dimensions there. Might want to post your kitchen plan in more detail on the kitchen forum.

In the front corner bedroom I'd see about adding another window on the exterior wall. More light and cross ventilation. I'd keep it at a 30" height or so from the floor though to allow furniture placement around it.

In the bath I'd look at replacing the door to the tub/toilet area with a pocket door. It will make the bath much less cramped feeling and you could then have two sinks without having to contend with one of the doors.

I'm not sure I understand the stairs portion and the closet there and entry to the study. Are the stairs closest to the study underneath the floor or where do they go?

Your mudroom bench area etc looks really tight too, but maybe dimensions are ok as I can't tell. To be more than one person at the time in that space you need a minimum of 3.5 ft in the aisle, however that is somewhat tight too and 4 ft would be better.

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Yeah, this is going to look bunker-like from the exterior. It will be a large dominating (and expensive) roof.

As far as the layout. The kitchen is completely unworkable as designed. There isn't room for an island in it at all. And the second island doesn't work either in location or function. Take the whole space back to the drawing board.

I wouldn't like living in that master either. Agree with the previous suggestions regarding it.

I really dislike that straight through corridor view from the front door to the fireplace on an angle. If you do a straight through view type of entry, then the view from that should be of the exterior through a window. Or a focal point stunning fireplace---full on. Not a side view. If you can see into the private space from the front door, there needs to be something to look at. Otherwise, you just get a glimpse of the just bathed naked 4 year old running back into the family room to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

You need to play with walking through the space. With putting furniture into the space and walking through the space. With making a meal. With one person staying up to watch the late show while another one turns in early to catch an early plane. With trying to find a place to make a peanut butter sandwich and then sit down to eat it. With bringing a load of groceries into the house and putting them away. With making Thanksgiving dinner and serving it to 8 guests. With putting up a Christmas tree.

None of those things are comfortably possible with this plan.

Get a professional involved. Please.

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