Wolf AG to be redesigned

Madeline616December 8, 2011

Owner of appliance store told me today, and called his rep while Ibwas there to confirm. Rep said they're sealing the burners, and making it cosmetically look like the DF (knobs, etc.)

Just wondering if anyone else had heard this. It sounds like they'll no longer have an open burner option, which just seems crazy. I wonder if it'll become hard to get replacement parts for the current model?

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Appliance geeks have known this for a while.

Most appliance OEMs will make parts for 10 years after a product has been discontinued.

Then you might find parts here and there through ebay or local repair shop.

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I can not confirm this, but I have heard that it is law to make replacment parts for a certain amount of time after discontinuing a product.

If you are considering seriously a wolf, I'd make sure to grab a current generation unit with semi open burners.

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They don't have an open burner range now (really), but if the rumor is true, it makes total sense from a business perspective, make everything the same is way more efficient

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Thanks for the responses.

I really liked it when I saw it for the first time today...unexpectedly, as I need to make a final decision this week and had it narrowed down to the Wolf DF vs. Viking AG.

Ty, you mentioned that I should get it now while it still has (semi) open burners--I'm fine with the cleaning process. I'm wondering, though, if a lot of people have trouble getting a low enough simmer (I've heard some things about this).

I've been reading tons online tonight, but still can't completely grasp why the infrared broiler in the AG is so much better than the broiler on the electric oven of the DF.

Clarifications welcome!

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Just looked at a Wolf range top two days ago and we were told the same thing - they are ceasing production of the open burners. We're not ready to buy yet, but it sounded like we would only be able to buy with sealed burners now.

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Madeline: I just think their semi open burner is a better design than their sealed burner. Not sure about the simmer function on the wolf. On my viking AG open burner the simmer was great.

Still curious as to why you stroked BS off the list?

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It doesn't surprise me. It seems that people who want an all gas range and a true open burner have better options with BS and CC. Wolf had to decide whether to step in that direction with a true competitor, or step away, which does make business sense (consistency, scale) as others have pointed out. They decided to "withdraw" from the niche who like the true open burner since they're not really competing there anyway, and fortify their traditional constituency.

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Thanks for the input.

Sorry, Ty, forgot to answer the BS question. I definitely appreciate what a great range it is--and actually found a local dealer--but I just can't get into the looks of it.

I know it sounds silly! But the way my kitchen is designed, the range is the centerpiece of the living area of my house, with a bog archway over it...and when I sit at the island working, I stare right at it. So looking for something that satisfies my desire for it to be pretty :)

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Should not apologize for wanting a range that looks good to you. Have you considered the Bertazzoni, especially the Heritage? If you want to see what that looks like in a kitchen, look up Shanghaimom's kitchen on the Kitchen Forum.

I love the Garland style burners and the whole look of the Blue Star, but its appearance just fits perfectly in my kitchen. Much as I love the functionality of the range I might not have gotten it if I did not also love the way it looks in my house and my kitchen.

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Thought it might be helpful to see a Blue Star installed in a kitchen. This one is mine.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Bertazzoni's Website states that their burners are designed to minimize the production of carbon monoxide, which I have not seen mentioned elsewhere.

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Besides ignitors, what other parts would it behoove us to purchase as spare parts (for our current Wolf AG)?

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Sayde, thanks for the kind words and the Berta suggestion. I looked at it and it just didn't wow me, but based on the pic of your lovely kitchen, I'll run over and look at the BS. To be honest, I've only looked at it in pics and videos. It's precious in ur kitchen!!

Cat, if I go with Wolf AG (will purchase range on Monday), I'll order an extra set of burner pans right off the bat. Haven't thought of what else, but I know those take a lot of abuse and it will BR a luxury to have a spare set.

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Thanks Madeline616. I think we have at least one or to extra sets of those (from the original range, before this one, which was a replacement). Might still have some spare grates as well. Hard to remember what we have in the attic once it made it up there!

I'm wondering about parts that are actually the ones needed to keep the range running properly; the nuts and bolts so-to-speak.

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Ah, gotcha. Sorry, not my strong suit. Look fwd to seeing what the experts think, though.

Cat, how do you clean your burner pans? How are they looking?

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Oh, I've posted on a bunch of threads re: cleaning the burner pans. It was a trial and error thing, and during the first months I cursed a lot just trying to get them clean, and not have it take hours to do it. Once I got my "method" down pat, it was a happy day!

What I have found that works on our Wolf 36" AG range:

1) Dish soap w/ a sprinkle of BKF and a blue scrub sponge will remove most "gunk."

2)Dawn Power Dissolver Spray (gel) sprayed on, and left to sit for ~15 minutes is terrific for the really stubborn baked on residue. Use a blue scrub sponge after waiting the 15 min., rinse and then dry.

3) For quick wipe-downs/cleaning (even during those rare periods of un-use, the top of the range does collect and show dust!), I spray my alcohol-water-lavender oil spray mixture on the burner pans (all burners off!), and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

I use the alcohol-water spray on my SS (on the range, and other SS appliances/surfaces), burner knobs, on my granite, etc.

The cast iron grates get cleaned rarely; most stuff burns off. I will scrub in the sink with a blue scrub sponge and BKF on occasion, or as needed.

Once you've gotten your "system" down, cleaning the burner pans really is fairly quick and easy.

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For comparison purposes (with Catmom/ Wolf) -- here's how I clean the Blue Star.
When it is just slightly spattered, just wipe off the top.
When really dirty, take the entire top off (it consists of ten pieces on a 30 inch-- 2 center grates, 4 burner grate circles and 4 bowls) and put them all in the dishwasher. Comes out clean as new. The 36 would have 12 pieces -- 6 grates and 6 bowls. Since you can take everything off you never have to worry about anything getting burned on in place

When you take all ten pieces off, the range is wide open down to the drip trays which can be covered with foil.

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I hardly ever have to clean the drip tray on ours, but if I do, I either wipe with the sponge or spray and wipe dry. Not much makes it down to the drip tray, at least not very often at all. :-)

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Cat and Sayde,

Thanks so much. Very helpful.

Tomorrow is the big day. Thanks to your input and that of the other kind GWers, I'm comfortable with my decision (although I will look at BS tomorrow!!) and excited about reaching a decision, rather than anxious about my indecision!

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Anybody know when will the re-designed AG style be available? A store sales guy yesterday said that it has not been into production yet, and that the target is Q3 of the year. But not sure if I can trust him.

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what does AG stand for?

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AG = all gas

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