levetaOctober 27, 2008

Has anyone made one on old wood?

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years ago I made checkerboards, used the small wooden hearts as checkers, had a hole drilled throu each heart and a peice of jute to string them on, was a hole drilled throu the board and the checkers tied on.
I used old and new wood didnt matter, as they were stained, was a country look , made the rounds of craft fairs in the 80s.

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Hi oddie, thanks for the info. Would you happen to know the dimentions for the board. I know there are 8 sq. across and 8 long. I thought the one i looked at on the pc said 12x12. Would that sound right? How did you measure yours to place sq's?

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I beleive 12 by 12 was the size we made ours, I used a stencil, made it so easy, sorry I know it sounds simple but math is not one of my strong points and would hate to tell you worng.
I did a search for country checkerboards lots of cute ones out there now, you will have to post a photo and show us yours when done.

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Thanks oddie...You been a big help. I love the ideal about the jute and tying it to the board...

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