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levetaOctober 16, 2009

Has anyone made the pinecone ornaments?? I found several recipes on the web. One calls for heating the peanutbutter in the microwave till melted but still touchable. At the end you can wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in bags and store in a cool place. I want to sell them in my shoo for xmas, and also be able to put them in nice cellaphane bags...Has anyone done this???

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I havent but my GS made one for me a couple years ago, the only thing I can think off is they must be kept cool or the peanutbutter melts, maybe freeze them befor you put in bags and keep out of the sun when displaying them, sorry I am of no help maybe someone will have some hints for you.

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If you don't melt the peanut butter (just push it on the pine cones) and then roll them in bird seed they won't be sticky. I think some peanut butter is more likely to get gooey in the heat than others. Keep them away from the heat and outof the sun and remember to attach hangers (string or wire or what ever) before you put the peanut butter on, lol.

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