Small Fall favor help......

irishdancersgramOctober 17, 2007

I'm trying to come up with a small, inexpensive Fall/Halloween favor to give each person at each table at our card party...Nothing elaborate, just nice....All I can come up with is fall candy wrapped in nylon net and tied with a pretty bow..I'll need to make about 100 so it has to be something simple..Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated....Thanks

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If you have access to baby food jars you could always brush them with white glue and cover them with fall colors of tissue paper to make tea light holders.

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Nothing wrong with candy. You can never go wrong with candy!!!!

Here are a few things that might help you. That's alot of little gifts you have to make. Maybe you can find a good deal on votive candles. Good Luck!!

Halloween Candles. You can purchase some very interesting
molded Halloween candles in a variety of shapes and sizes (like pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses, etc.). Wrap up in orange tulle and tie with black curly ribbon

Orange Net Favors. Cut 6" circles of tulle in orange and black colors. Place either candies or a small votive candle in each circle. Gather and tie off with the opposite color of ribbon. (Orange ribbon, black tulle and black ribbon, orange tulle.)

Witches Broom. Buy small straw brooms (available in craft stores). Wrap black and orange ribbon down the handle and tie a black bow just above the broom. Add some autumn colored silk leaves and dried flowers tucked in and glued around the bow. Maybe attach a small magnet.

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You can find a few different versions of this candy scarecrow on the internet. I think it would be really cute as a favor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy Scarecrow

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