more ?s about craft shows

danaohOctober 9, 2008

I have signed up for the Edgewood High School craft show, in Trenton, Ohio. I thought it was supposed to be a good one, but now I don't know. It is 2 days, $50, weekend before Thanksgiving. Just found out from chairman that last year they had about 150 people total for the two days. Isn't that small? I was really counting on this one, I have about 75 cakes in a mug and 12 or so felted wool sweater purses. For you experienced showers, what do you think?

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150 people total visiting the show?

That does sound small. and expensive. Even for two days.

I just had a similar thing- one show I had been counting on sent the application.
It's small town Michigan- and it used to be $25.
Now it's $50 and no tables available. :(

I'll be looking for another show.

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150 customers in two days tells me... no, it SHOUTS to me there is no advertising.

I am usually the type of exhibitor that will honor a contract. But if the show averages 75 people a day, I will have to be awakened in order to make a sale!
But you go, make more money than if you sat home, and write off the show for next year. Or start searching for a replacement show and consider the $50 a donation. I would be doing the latter.

So... Go to and look for something to replace the show. You type in your zip code and how far you want to travel, and all the shows come up. Type in Nov 20 as the start date and Nov 30 as the end date.

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I'll have to agree with the previous poster. 150 is very small especially for 2 days. However, since it looks like you are probably "locked" into this show, make the best of it for yourself. Do you own advertising. Make up a "Craft Show Announcement" of your own & email it to everyone in your address book. Make your own postcards & mail them out to all your friends & previous customers. Remember, you can write off all your advertising costs ie: postage & cardstock. Lastly, start right now looking for shows for next fall. This is the best time of the year for crafts shows......there ARE good ones out there. You just have to do your homework.

Good luck!

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Several co-ordinaters of craft shows also give flyers to every vender so they can hand them out to their friends. I have a calendar at my booth that lists all the local shows in the area for people to glance at. I still have another 12 shows before Christmas...

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Heard from ambruscu - she was there last year. Said the head of the show has been ill and and gets a little confused. There were 150 vendors. She says that it was a good show.

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Hope your friend was right and it is/was a good show for you! Let us know how it goes. :)

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I actually read it as vendors...

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