how do you copy a link?

donnas_gwOctober 25, 2008

I see alot of "here is a link that may be helpful:" and that link is highlighted in blue so that one can click on it. All I know to do is copy and paste from the address bar, but that is just an address and you cannot click on it. So can someone tell me how it's done? Thank you!!

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Pudge 2b

Look at the area below where you reply to a thread. Below the message box is 'optional link URL' and 'name of the link'. The URL is the whole string that starts with http:// etc etc. The second box, 'name of the link' can be whatever you want to call the link.

If you're starting a thread those fields don't show up until you preview the message. So, type your message, hit the preview button, add in the URL & name of link, preview again and then send the message.

Hope this helps.

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so that's what they are for?? As long as I've been coming here, I've never once wondered what they were for LOL. Thanks pudge!!

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Donna - if you are the original poster and are just starting the thread, you won't see that spot to place the link until you "preview" your message. Then it will be below the message box.

Don't forget to preview the message again to make sure the link is there.

Links are SO helpful!

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iowagirl2006, I tried it yesterday and it worked. Used it on the Gingerbread Nativity/check it out post. It was nothing to it!! I just never bothered to ask what those 2 boxes were for.

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