Kudzu Cherry where are you?

concretenprimrosesOctober 2, 2011

I hope you are well. You haven't posted here on on your blog for a long time.

Over the years Kudzu/Cherry has posted some of the most awesome crafts that she also has on her blog. I have found a bunch of them again while looking through the archives for Holiday ideas. I'm not bumping them because she invariably linked to her blog, not to that particular post page. So below are links to a few of her awesome blog craft pages:

Ribbon poinsettias, totally gorgeous and simple:


Quilt scrap decorations:


Beaded ornament hangers:


Thank you for all the wonderful ideas Cherry!


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I'm adding to the thread to move it down. But Minnie found Kudzu's reindeer ornaments and put them in another thread. Love those too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Twig reindeer ornaments

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The reindeer are so cute, I missed seeing them before. I know she was busy with new baby in the house. Hope all is well with her & her family. She always did so much with her grandkids! Loved her tutorials- what went right & what went wrong! We can always learn from our mistakes & maybe save someone else a lot of trouble. Jan

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Let's all call Kudzu at the same time:



We miss you!

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