orange acrylic paint

donnas_gwOctober 5, 2008

I'm trying a lightbulb pumpkin. The only orange acrylic paint I can find says "artists pigment paint". I bought some by Folk Art, and it seems to be so much thicker than regular acrylic paint. Is this the only way to get a "true" orange paint?

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I have found Delta Ceramcoat acrylic craft paint, Hobby Lobby, is very good it comes in opaque to help cover better. I use Folk Art too. I usually do an undercoating of a toffee or carmel color let dry then add the orange on top of that. It seems to make the orange pop, orange is a very transparent color for some reason so I might take several coats if you do not use a color under it. Hopes this hepls

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thanks artistws...thinking of what colors I already have. I have terra cotta and a golden brown. Would one of those work?

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Donnas, I used Folk Art Enamels (4008 pure orange) on pumpkin bulb I made. Took 2 coats I think. I started another 1 to make 1 like Oodie's & it needs at least a 2nd coat. I don't know what makes orange. I copied off a color chart & to get "Desert Sun orange" you mix Georgia clay, medium flesh & autumn brown (2:1:*) Don't know what that means-those numbers, thought it was amounts to mix but????Hope that helps. Jan

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sunnyca, I tried mixing a red and yellow together, but the color I got was more of a coral color, maybe a little lighter. Sounds like those numbers might have something to do with the amounts of each paint to mix, but I'm just guessing.

artistws, you're definitely right about it taking several coats without an undercoating. I wish we had a hobby lobby around here. I just went to their website and clicked on locations. The nearest one is probably a 5 hour drive from my house. Guess I'll have to stick with Michael's or Walmart.

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Donnas, you might try adding a little brown to your red/yellow mixture and see if that helps.

You can also spray paint the basecoat on, might find an orange at Walmart. I'd think just the cheap 99 cent cans would be okay for this type of project.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your pics.


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luvs, I'll try that. I wonder if there are specific shades of red and yellow you use, since there are many different ones?

sunnyca, in your post with the picture of your pumpkin, you said you may have used glass paint. Do you mean ceramic paint? I was wondering why he looked so shiny.

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I just used the Folk Art Enamel in orange, I think because it is for glass (I took a glass decorating class at Joanne's) it's shiny _like gloss house paint I suppose. I had to buy glass paints for glass as she said they would rub off the mugs we painted if we used regular paints. Of course I bought more colors then needed as I wanted to paint other things. I like getting darker colors & can lighten them up with white if need be. I didn't spray my bulb when I was finished as it's inside, not outside! Jan

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