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danaohOctober 31, 2008

I will be doing an indoor craft show, and want to seperate my booth from others. I have an old 8X8 canopy, would like to use it without the top. Was thinking of sheers from the thrift store, if I could find enough in the same color to cover the 3 walls. What else could I use? It doesn't have to be fabric, just easy for me to carry and attach to the poles of the frame. and CHEAP!

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Danaoh, just went to an indoor show this past weekend and one crafter had hung those bamboo stick blinds on 3 sides and it was very effective and attractive. She had them hung from the frame using S hooks. Might work for you?

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I like the idea of the bamboo blinds... Might be dark though... I make a casing in white nylon netting and use pvc pipe as rod for my sides and back and then will use green netting along the top of the front like a valance with lights inside for a little bling... The front sides of my booth will have bouffant (kinda like the puffy shirt on Steinfeld) treatment... Separates me but not make it like a cave...

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The bamboo blinds sounds good, I bought the white plastic ones for about $10 each at Lowes(or Home Depot...but I'm sure the price is the same) You can display your crafts on them,too, and they'd be easy to keep clean with a garden hose.Or you could go with white sheets from the thrift store, really inexpensive way to go for that much fabric.Or two sheets with the net lights hanging between the two sheets. Maybe drape some of the garland they vines, with roses, or poinsettias. Michaels has them and you can use a coupon. Or...the netting or tulle, draped around the top poles like you'd decorate pews for a wedding.
*sigh* I guess you can tell I've been thinking of how to do the very same thing! I did see a woman with a handpainted sign on a piece of old barn wood,with jagged edges, with the name of her shop painted on it, hung from the front bar of the canopy with chains and s-hooks.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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I needed a backdrop for my wooden display shelves. I used those clip on cafe curtain hooks & just clipped them on to sheets. The CCH will easily slide over your canopy frame. Or a pretty shower curtain with the hooks would work well too. You can pick those up pretty cheap at the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Happy hanging!

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