What are you working on? 10/1

sweets98October 1, 2007

Are you working on anything new this week? Made any progress on a long-term project?

I made some of the prim pumpkin bowl fillers that I posted the free directions for a few weeks back. Mine don't look exactly the same but that's fine. I used a lid to make a large yo-yo and then you stuff it. That's it. I wanted to use muslin and paint the fabric so it took awhile to paint, stick in the over to dry, coffee stain, stick in the oven to dry...lol DH must never be home when I'm drying fabric in the oven because he called and I said I was baking fabric and he thought I lost my mind! LOL I made one larger pumpkin and three little ones. All are orange but one small one I made a white pumpking :)

I'll take pics and post later. DH stole the camera recharagable batteries for his flashlight...urrgghhh!

I'm thinking about making more fall things. I need more items for the porch and some things to sit around the house. If I could only get DH to get that one Halloween box out of the shed, I think I can Prim up some of the stuff and use it.

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HI... I swear I'm gonna post some pics this week. ha When I moved my office I somehow misplaced my camera charger and just barely found it. It's charging away. I finished my 2 signs finally and I'll take a pic of my linen closet cabinet too.
This week I going to do a faux leather wall treatment on my bathroom using brown paper bags. Hoping it will go well. We had a futon that died so DH took it all apart for me to use for crafts. I'm using some of the arm pieces to make some pumpkins which I'll post as soon as I get them finished and I'm hoping to get a little saltbox house painted on a shelf I have. We'll see if I get that far. You know I have to talk about it for a week before I get around to doing it. ha That's the joys of motherhood for you. No time. Need to get out my fall decs too. ~Anj

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Looking forward to seeing your pictures, ladies!

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Yes, We are looking forward to some pics!!! I've been working on getting my Fall decorations ups. Got garden club this Thursday. So I'll be posting some pics when I get it all done. Also today Dh took off work and finally finished my potting shed. My son started it 2 years ago. I'm so excited how it turned out. I have also been making me some homespun pillows for my couches. And I need to make me another fall wreath.

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I have photos!

The first photo is of the pumpkin bowl fillers that I made on Sunday. They are in an old grain sifter. It's been hanging on the wall and I didn't like it there so I found a new use for it! LOL I'm thinking about going outside today and rounding up some leaves to trace and then I want to make some fabric leaves. I was thinking about sewing wax paper in the center so they crinkle when you bend them. DS had a baby toy that was like that, that's where I got the idea from.

The second photo is of my fall sticks that I put in an old jug by the door. I made the crow and sunflower about a month ago. I had a watermelon in with them for summer and just took it out and added the pumpkin that I worked on on Sunday and finished up last night.

The third photo is of my craft bag. I bought the bag for 25¢ at the Fair to use to carry around my yo-yo quilt supplies. It had a picture of a large black and white sketch of an old building. It was nice, but not me so I wanted something more me. I stitched this patch, added a border and sewed it on over top :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Prim Pumpkin bowl fillers

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Sweets~ my pics aren't as good as yours. ha I love everything but especially the bag. Sooo cute.

Here is a pic of my built in linen cabinet. It's not finished, but you'll get the idea. It was painted the same color as the trim and had silver knobs (sorry I always forget the before pics). So I painted the doors the wall color (which is actually a deeper tan than shows) and painted a big black star (love stars) and painted the knobs black too. Still have to paint the other star on the bottom cabinet door.

And I've had this piece of decorative molding that I got off an old sewing machine that was falling apart many years ago. Decided to use it for a sign over the cabinet.

Hope ya like. ~Anj

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Anj, I like your star. I have a star obsession :) And the sign is neat. I like that you used something different, with a shape to it other than a rectangle or square :)

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Thanks Leslie...just looking at this picture I think it might look better with the trim in black too, but in context in the house, there are 2 doors on either side of it (it's in my hall) and I think it would look funny with a different trim color?

And here is the sign for my bedroom. Can you tell I like black? ha Still have to put the hangers on the back, but thought I'd better snap a pic while I have a minute.

Thanks for doing this post, it's really motivating me. :)

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Since it's trim, I would leave it white so it matches the rest of the trim. You need to look at the WHOLE picture, the whole room and see if the trim still makes sense. We can't see what else is in the room that makes the color choices make sense.

My laundry room that I just re-did is tan with black cabinets and I have white trim and wainscot.

I miss how the board used to be and I have seen posts like this get pretty busy so I was hoping it would help. If anything, it will keep some of us motivated :) I enjoy seeing what others have done and being able to share my stuff. I was here for YEARS and couldn't post photos so this is awesome :)

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Well, I'm glad you can post pics now. You've been an inspiration to me on the prim stuff for sure. And you have so many ideas for using things around the house in a new way that amazes me. For example I saw your tin can flag all these possibilities just started bouncing around in my head that I want to do. ha If only my to-do list wasn't a gazillion miles long!! ha Am I the only one frustrated with that list?? :P ~Anj

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Anj, I'm with you. I have so much I want to do, but can't seem to get anything finished without it taking forever. I thought when I retired that I would be bored. Ha! I don't seem to have a spare minute. So, so many ideas from this and other forums that I would like to accomplish, but the list is so long, I may die first! LOL

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Hi everyone!! Its been awhile since I have shared anything but you asked the question "What have we been working on" and this is something I am doing at the moment! I have to make some Party Favors and this is my first one. I couldn't make up mind if I liked the Creepy looking hand which is a pen or the light stick but I like them both. Now I have to get going and make a few others...

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Here is another project that I did a few weeks ago. We were asked to alter a "Starbucks" Bottle and this is what I created.

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Jacquelyn~ How cute!!! On the party favors, I really like the one with the hand. I love the jar too. Very cute graphics. You did a terrific job. ~Anj

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