Which is better for drilling holes in glass

sportsmom12October 17, 2004

Our local hardware store didn't carry a hole saw, but did carry a glass drill bit( arrow shaped) It does do the trick, but does take some effort. Just wondered from experience which you guys think is easier. This guy at a craft show told me he used old dental bits- but I don't think my dentist would give me old dental bits because of hygeine laws.


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I can only speak from what I use -- the old dental bits ! LOL
Actually I use assorted diamond tipped bits made for
"Dremel tools" . You can buy them seperately or in sets . The sets have all different shapes and sizes in them ,too (Very convienient). I saw them on E Bay, and Harbor Freight also carries them. These will only give you tiny holes - like for stringing windchimes . I have the arrow shaped bits - but haven't needed a big hole yet !
Here's the Harbor Freight website - type in the search for DIAMOND BITS. (Hope this helps !)

Here is a link that might be useful: Harbor freight

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I have better luck using diamond grinding bits than I ever have with drill bits...

you can also look for something called a 'coring bit' that they do make with a diamond tip- a friend used to use them for cutting jade, which can be harder than glass.

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I try to keep it simple and use the easily available (arrow shaped) ceramic drill bits. They may be a bit slow, but I'd rather have the proper size holes than fool around with tiny holes and try to enlarge them. I drill 1/2 inch holes in glass blocks.

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I use a hole drill bit that cuts a 1/2" circle out of the glass. I submerse the glass block in water that barely covers the top and it takes about two minutes to drill a hole into the side which is just big enough to insert the string of lights. The drill bit was expensive (?$25?)but sooooo worth it if you're going to drill more than a few and sell them. If you'd like the information on the place where I ordered it, just email me (put "drill bit" in the Subject) and I'd be glad to share. I just don't have the info at my fingertips since I'm at work.

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What about drilling the hole in a Mason jar?....

Have any of you done that and with what....

I want to do some of those for Christmas gifts and need to get started on them.


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The only thing DH has used is the Hole Saw (from Harbor Freight) and he was pretty impressed with it.

I saw a post somewhere (not here) by a girl and they were using the Hole Saw to drill the blocks and wine bottles....so I'd assume it would work on a Mason jar.

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Hey Patti!

I use a glass and tile bit that I bought at Home Depot. I have made a bunch of these mason jar lamps...email me if you have any questions.


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Pattico- the only thing I drill holes in is the mason jars as I make those lamps. Let me know if you n eed the instructions for taking the candle lamp apart also.
Good luck

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I bought a 2gallon mason jar and would like to know which drill bit and what size of hole to be able to fit a cord through. Also how do you take a candle lamp apart?

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Check out the link for the best instructions for making jar lamps - very thorough and with pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Prim's Blog

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Thanks iowagirl2006!

The website is terrific and directions perfect!


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It is so funny to be reading a post...(and not paying any attention to how old it is...) and find you have posted on it...and not remembering at all doing so...until you read the date...LOL

thanks for the memory...
I don't believe I ever did get those done...


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LOL! Patti - I was thinking the same thing - Heck - my user name changed! I was GardenGirl, and now I am iowagirl - I had to change, back when everything changed over to iVillage....

Are you inspired to get the jars out again?

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