Selling BlueStar 30" Drop-In Cooktop - where to post???

stahleeDecember 17, 2012

I'm selling my BlueStar, but I don't know where to post it for sale. Not a lot of appliance forums floating around. I placed it on Craigslist, but I'm getting a bunch of scam email. I'm thinking ebay to. I just posted this on Craigslist yesterday, the only place so far. Just trying to figure out where you all list your appliances for sale?


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I don't know how old you are but we old folks remember placing ads in newspapers. Now I know the actual papers aren't popular any more but most of these newspapers now have online ads on their websites. You are likely to get a better class of people responding to the newspaper than on Craigslist. Craigslist is full of crazies these days. I don't feel safe posting there any more.

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Ebay will give you the widest exposure, but you'll have to deal with the hassle of shipping. Craigslist won't have shipping to deal with, but you'll have a higher flake factor.

In neither case will you get even close to the original price of the object. Prices usually start at 1/3 of the original price for even new open box stuff from an individual. Businesses with a reputation can usually get away with half price, but an individual doesn't have that luxury of repeat business leading to the feedback that would give buyers confidence.

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It has nothing to do with not understanding how to post or where to post locally, I'm more or less wondering where people here typically advertise their appliances. I'll be posting on ebay here soon. I kind of wish we had a classified section here since this would be a great place to sell.

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Sophie Wheeler

Oh, so this is a disguised SPAM to sell your cooktop? Not cool. This forum directly forbids that. You can probably expect to receive a warning from the moderator.

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Not a disguised spam to sell my cooktop, I'm a member of these boards. Sorry for asking for advise. The moderator is more than welcome to remove the post.

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I think it's a legitimate question since I was also pondering the best place to sell appliances. I think craigslist is probably your best bet. We just sold a OTR MW two days ago on craigslist in one day so I know it works. You can do eBay too but just say that it's for pickup only. If a person at a distance wants the cooktop really badly they can make their own arrangements for shipping but it would probably not be cost effective since packing and shipping is expensive.

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jerzeegirl, it's funny that I have no problem selling anything else I have, but when it came to selling my BlueStar, I blanked. I first thought Craigslist, but I don't like dealing with all the scam junk mail I get from the post and I live in a small town and Craiglist really is not as effective.

Ebay is next on the list which I'll be willing to ship the cooktop. Thinking of waiting until after Christmas to post it on ebay. Might not be the best time of year to expect somebody to buy a cooktop.

I was hoping there was a place that most people listed their appliances, maybe a forum or something I didn't know about.

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I see no problem in asking where to sell something and in fact there could be folks here that want that cooktop.
The Op is not some appliance sales person trying to sell us something,

Hmmmmmm, seems as thou Hollysprings has lost her "Christmas Spirit"?---Maybe we best just call her "Springs" until the "Spirit" "rejoins her"?


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I found on CL that if you put the price in the heading, and it's more than $1, you get lots of scammers.

I found if I put the price for the item in the body of the listing, no scammers.

And yes, eBay is an excellent answer, of course with local pickup.

Good Luck!

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If you are still on the forum, can you give some feedback on this cooktop? I am considering getting a 30" with a 15" miele induction. Why did you replace the cooktop with Induction?

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