Sunday Gravy questions

foodonastumpJanuary 25, 2014

I've been scouting the internet for Sunday Gravy recipes to see if there are any that have any interesting key ingredients or steps. Slight variations, but overall they're pretty much all the same which is fine with me.

The one difference I found was which ribs to use and how long they should be cooked. Of St. Louis, baby back or country style (I know, not real ribs) which would you use and how long would you figure on them simmering?

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I do country style or bone in chops. Brown with rest of meat and simmer with sauce the entire time (a few hours). Meat will fall off bones that you remove.

Love doing old school gravy.

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Definitely country style ribs. That's what my aunts Teresa and Rosa (from Jersey City) always used :-)

Finally! I can login to fix my typo :-)

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Pork neck bones work very well also, and are often free or dirt cheap at the market. And don't brown them, just let the porkiness simmer into the gravy.

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Ok so I'm going with country style which, ironically, was last on my list. But with Maggie, Aunt Teresa, and Aunt Rosa all coming from the right areas and agreeing with the Sopranos recipe, I figure I can't go wrong.

Peppi - Neck bones were on my shopping list but unfortunately the shelf was empty. They checked but didn't have it in the back, either. In my mind I would welcome the addition of some "bone" to the mix; would fresh ham hocks (available) be a good addition or a mistake? Don't think I've ever bought or used non-smoked hocks.

Alternatively, would veal blade chops make a difference to the sauce? I've already got more meat than I need, but they're on sale and seemed to have a bunch of bone and fat, so if they would add a dimension I'd throw in a package.

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Mangia and click with a glass of Chianti Classico :)

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I also usually have a "piece of pork for sauce" in my freezer. We buy the whole pork loin at BJs and cut and save the ends for sauce.

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I agree with Peppi - pork neck bones are great in Sunday gravy.

My solution is t buy full untrimmed racks of spare ribs, and when I cut the ribs away from the side that is all cartilage and meat (I think it may be called the chain) I save the non rib sections until I have a few and then make Sunday Gravy. The cartilage adds that wonderful gelatinous quality to the sauce and I have gorgeous St Louis style ribs to smoke.

In the video it is what is being removed to end up with St Louis style ribs.


Here is a link that might be useful: How to trim spare ribs to St Louis Style

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I might be an honorary Italian Grandmother. It came out great. My only disappointment was the braciole. I don't know if 2 hours cooking was too short or too long, but it was dry and not particularly tender. I'd appreciate advice in that regard, as I have inconsistent results with Rouladen, also.

Oh, and I'm laughing at another misstep: I decided to splurge (fat calories) and try the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival garlic bread. Close to the end of the bake I realized I left out one minor ingredient - the garlic!

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