Best sellers a Craft shows?

posiehOctober 12, 2011

I have so much "craft" stuff and material and beads and ribbons on hand so I'm wondering if Grandma Bonnie and others would share their secrets as to what sells at craft shows. Our church is having a sale before Christmas so I'm wondering what I might make from all my "stash" that would sell. Apreciate your help.

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Honey - last year the microwave popcorn snowmen sold like crazy - the popcorn is from WalMart 24 - $5.00 and they sold for $3.00 Look up microwave poporn snowmen for pictures... I no longr sell seasonal items - people will buy gifts or Christmas, but money is tight so they don't buy as many "things" This year, I'll be selling the microwave poato bags and the redneck wine glasses - only... I hve a friendthat will be selling the popcorn snowmen - I don't have the time to make them - I'm hoping I'll have enough stock to sell the wine glasses (I have 120 dozen ready to make up - yes, that will be over 1400 glasses...)

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Grandma Bonnie you are amazing. I have a plan to make a similar thing called "Gardener's wine glass". But it would n't have the joke appeaal of yours so I don't know if they will sell.

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Thanks grandma Bonnie. That is a cute idea. Think I'll make some just to give to house guests at Christmas. Found the life saver snowmen too. They are so cute so will make some of them just for the little ones at Christmas.
Concretenprimoses....are you using small flower pots for the gardeners wine glass?

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My original plan was to use glass floweer pots, but I didn't like how they looked on the candle holders. So I think that I will use jars (maybe canning jars maybe not) that you keep the cover on so the wine can't spill while you are gardening. I would etch the glass to decorate with flowers and the words.
I also considered making the "stem" of th glass a spike that you could stick in the ground, but I haven't figured out a save way to do this.

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I was thinking that you could do the handled canning jars and make a net cover with beeds hanging on the edge to hold it on to keep bugs at of your drink while in the garden.


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Kathy - what did you decide to do? I'd love to see it! I did a two day show in San Luis Obipo this last week-end and sold $1250 of the wine glasses and the potato bags - that's all I sold... lol Sold so much, I had to cancel a show in Morro Bay the next day... I'll have more at home next year so I can have enough for both shows!!!

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Bonnie, I saw the wine glasses for 19.99 at Hallmark yesterday. Quart size is 24.95. CRAZY!

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Iknow, I know. I just can't charge those prices...

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