Frigidaire Refrigerator

whiteraabDecember 1, 2012

Hello all,

I've recently acquired a very old refrigerator from my parents. My father states that the fridge has to be at least 60 or 70 years old. It's still in great working condition (it just looks a little beat up) and in fact it works a little too good. The problem is that there is no manuel and I can't find a model number anywhere on the fridge. I've uploaded a few pictures. I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I could find some information about this fridge and if it's worth keeping around? Thanks for any help!

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Sophie Wheeler

Probably uses a TON of electricity. A modern refrigerator will use 1/100th as much.

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Do you have the original license plate?
(Lame joke - Frigidaire was a GMC division then.)

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Wow, that looks like it has an all metal interior and built the last. Personally, I would convert that thing into a smoker and make the best BBQ. But that's just me.

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Usually the door gasket is shot, or the latch breaks. Neither of which you're going to find replacemnt parts.

It's junk.

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Junk? I think not. It would make a great 2nd fridge. Yes, it uses alot more than a modern fridge, which could be the difference between $1.29 per month and $5.00 per month. How many months to pay for a new one???

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My parents had a similar one in the basement for years - we used it for beverages - efficient - Not - but a conversation piece - it would have been even neater with the fan on the top. I think there fridge was a GE but not sure and gone for about 10 years. It worked great!

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Beer fridge. Garage or man cave. Or use it in your holiday house. My family has a beach house we use sporadically with a 1950s era GM Frigidaire also, the fridge works amazingly well, though is very loud. It's only turned on when someone is staying there so the efficiency isn't much of an issue.

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