Pumpkin jug lite

oddieOctober 2, 2008

Okay you know I couldnt get throu fall without doing some kind of craft, atleast something has gotton me going, need alot of pratice on my painting skills but thought I would share anyway, need help with colors as always, this was just a line drawing I had saved from somewhere, tried the string lites but shows every paint brush mark, as I just used regular craft paints, so settled on the candle lite, not sure about the flower but needed something to kinda cover more of the opening in the top, oh well since its fall it can look kind of silly!


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Oddie, that is so cute! I've missed seeing your great work. The flower looks just right, not silly at all. You did a great job on the painting. Love it!

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It's just adorable!!! Your little scarecrow wants out, he's so cute!! I think the top part is perfect!! Nothing wrong with your painting!! I think it was Michelangelo that was forever painting over his work- never happy with it. So even the best had same feelings. As long as it pleases you & family that is what matters!! Love the jug, is it glass or plastic? Jan

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Oddie, I love it!!! It is perfect just as it is. I wish I had your painting skills.

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Thank you! I sure do not call myself a painter, just willing to give it a try, if I mess up so what, you can wash all the paint off and start agine LOL!
Luvs gave me a great tip and that is when you are happy with a part or need to stop spray on a coat of sealer, then when you go back if you mess up a part you can dap it with a qtip with a little alchol on it to remove the mistake, sure has helped me.
Thanks agine

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OH Odie, That is so awesome. I've missed seeing your creations too. I have one of those jugs just setting out by my garage waiting for something to be done too it. Now, If only I could paint like that!!!

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That little jug it just perfect for the season. What a great way to dress it up. I think the flower is cute and matches your colors nicely. Some raffia or fall leaves tucked around might of worked also. It's always good to ask in case someone would come up with an idea you can't resist trying.

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Way to go Oddie :) I love how you set the flower over the mouth of the jug and put the light on it. Great job on painting, I love the crow and scarecrow.

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Thank you, and yes I am always open for ideas, I did try raffia but didnt look nice, plus there is a raffia bow with leaves and some ivy, hard to see in the photo with the real ivy, found a sunflower after I finished that probley would have looked better.
wanted to make it look like a pumpkin cut and you could see the inside, I think it was a tag.
donna as you can see my painting is not perfect, I can not do shadeing, so I try drybrushing, didnt do that well eather, dont give up as you will find something that works for you.
happy crafting!

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Oddie, Just love your pumpkin jug lite.. so cute.. and your painting is really nice.. I am going to have to try painting, I do drawings with charcoal and pencils, but not much painting.. so like you said , if I mess up just wipe off and try again.. I have been making potato bags and they are doing good.. Thanks to grandmabonnie she gave me the instructions.. and I have been working on my Christmas swags, crocheting for the baby premies and the new babies coming in to our family.. two boys so far this year and a baby girl due in Feb. so now I can work in pink for a change..my garden is just about done for the season , except for the hot peppers.. been making salsa all summer and when my tomatoes were just about finished, one of my son's friends gave us a crate of tomatoes so I hade to make 21 more jars of salsa over the weekend.. Whew.. where does the time go.. When you work 8 hrs a day it is hard to do all the fun things like sewing, making crafts, and canning.. LOL Oddie we will have to meet and have coffee sometime soon..

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