Plastic Spoon Roses

qtiemomOctober 28, 2008

Ok I know all you crafty ladies will have a solution!

Years ago, I made plastic spoon roses. For some reason my memory is playing tricks on me! I can't remember how to do the bottom by the are a couple I have done so far, but look at the bottom of them and how thick they are. I can't remember how to cover up the ends. I left one with the handles longer than the other and neither way helped me to figure it I know I need to wrap floral tape and the put the stem, but again look how thick it is and how the ends of the spoon will show..

Can someone pleeeeeeeeeease help or give me suggestions?

I have looked all over the internet and archives here, but no pics or explanations on the bottom

Thank you so much in advance! Any suggestions or help or pics are GREATLY appreciated!


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