Best wild-bird treats and ideas?

party_music50October 1, 2013

Hi. I'm looking for ideas for several simple homemade wild-bird treats or decorations that I could make to gift to a nature-loving couple I know. I've tried making a few things in the past, such as pinecones coated w/ peanut butter then packed with seeds, but mine didn't look as pretty as the photos I saw on-line and I gave up. lol! I need things that are foolproof to make that I can use to fill a gift basket. Any ideas?

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You can make the pinecone treats look just as nice as the photos. All you have to do is practice.

Study the photos carefully and see what you're doing differently, that's all.

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Remember - you don't have to please the birds and they will be happy to take care of the ones that aren't so pretty - as Christopher says, paractice to make them pretty enough for the peps who will be buyiong them - or I would sell the not so pretty ones with the sign - that the birds love them any way they lookl.

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Thanks for the advice but it's the pinecones themselves -- what I have available is the wrong variety and no amount of practice seeding them will make them look any better.

Was hoping for other suggestions of homemade bird-related treats, crafts, ornaments, etc., to give as a gift. I'm not interested in selling anything. I didn't realize how quiet this forum is now.

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get some shishkabob scewers at the dollar store , run one through a piece of bread from corner to corner, smother in peanut butter and cover that with bird seed, tie a pretty ribbon on top with a loop to hang.... can also get some suet from the butchers and string it up, birds love that.....

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I make wreaths out of an old coat hanger and cut pieces of ornamental (Indian) corn to thread on and then decorate with a bow.

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