leaking water in refrigerator

todathomeDecember 26, 2011

Anyone have advice on our leaking kitchenaid refrigerator? We have model KSFS25F. When we try to dispense water from the door I hear water running through the filter but nothing comes from the dispenser. A few minutes later, there is a puddle on the floor. The icemaker appears to work fine. Thanks in advance!

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Check to see if your fridge has a water holding tank. I have an LG which has the tank behind one of the fruit/vegetable bins. I've had to replace 3 of them; each time they spring a leak in one of the seams. It's a plastic tank connected to tubing and is very easy to replace.

Some of the more recent fridges don't have a tank. Instead, they have a coil of tubing it its place.

You can actually check to see if you sprung a leak by having the fridge door open, push in the light buttons and then watch the tank/coil as a 2nd person tries to dispense water. You should be able to see a spray of water if you have a flashlight on the tank/coil.

You can get the tank or coil from repairclinic.com or other places.


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KSFS25F is not your full model number, should be five more characters following the F.

KitchenAid uses a coil of tubing at the lower rear inside the refrigerator section as a chilled water reservoir. Unlikely to be this tubing at fault, the leak would appear inside the refrigerator section under the drawers.

Try removing/reseating the filter if you haven't already. Could also be a problem with seals on the filter-mount housing, or a leak on the chilled water valve (there are separate solenoid valves for the water and ice functions, although the two solenoids are mounted to a one-piece body).

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You were very kind to help me with my FP washer last year! You are correct, the full model number is KSFS25fjwho1. We just got a new filter and I will be installing it. Will follow-up with status!

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My 2 yr old KA french door refrigerator is leaking water on the floor also. It first enters the area beneath freezer drawer then out onto the floor. Anyone know the cause?

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We had a similar problem last year with a KitchenAid French Door fridge. The problem was a frozen defrost line. The repairman increased the freezer temperature from 0 to 2 degrees. No problem with leaking on the hardwood floor since then.

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Have had our LG Fridge about 7 years. 2 years ago the plastic tubing from the water dispenser sprung a leak. A little inconvenient and a relatively easy fix.

However, it's sprung a leak FIVE TIMES in total as of today.

Really? Go buy another new tube? Or coupling from what I've read?

What could be causing this??

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We had a similar problem with an LG.
The filter needed replacing sooner than we assumed.
I've left the filter out and the leak stopped.

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