Looking for the funny survival kits to make links.

FredaSKOctober 1, 2011

I'm looking to make a football one does anyone have any suggestions. OR take to some links. Thanks Freda

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forgot all about the survival kits I'll check on my other computer

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I have these but no football maybe we can do a google
survival kits

Anti-Depression Kit
Backpackers Survival Kit
Bus driver survival kit
CPA Survival Kit
Christian Survival kit
Every Day Life Survival Kit:
Fireman's Survival Kit
Fisherman Survival Kit
Friendship Survival Kit
Golfer's Survival Kit
Grandparents Survival Kit
Guardian Angel Survival Kit
Holiday Survival kit
Ice Hockey Coach Survival Kit
Military Personnel Survival Kit
New Mother's Survival Kit
Newlyweds Survival Kit
Nurse's Survival Kit
Parent Survival Kit
PMS Survival Kit/Prescription
Problem Survival Kit
Secretary's Survival Kits
Skier's Survival Kit
Student Survival Kit
Student Candy Gram
Surgery Survival Kit
Survival Kit to help you adjust to getting older:
Swim Coach Survival Kit
Teacher's Survival Kit
Waitress Survival Kit
Why I Love You Kit

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Found a link to some

Here is a link that might be useful: football survival kit - Google Search

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Here's one for football players:

Snickers: so you can laugh at the bad calls
Starburst: for an added burst of energy
Gum: to help the team stick together
Mint: to help keep your cool under pressure
Cottonball: to cushion rough plays
Sticky Hand: so you can catch passes more easily
BandAid: for when the game is more important than your body

I get the stick hands from Oriental Trading or Rhode Island Novelty.

Here's another for the football fan - I usually do this one in team colors with the team logo and call it "______fan survival kit" Like "buckeye's fan SK" etc.

Rubberband: to help you stretch the rules
Mint: to help you keep your cool
Cough drop: to soothe after all the yelling
Chocolate football: so you can have a piece of the action
Noisemaker: for when they wi
Tissue: for when they lose
Penny: for luck

I find wrapped chocolate footballs this time of year in the Russell Stover display at gift shops or sometimes they have them bulk at card shops or grocery stores this time of year.

Also just a note - I have made sold survival kits for years and the football player one doesn't seem to sell very well - I'm discontinuing it. The football fan SK personalized for popular teams is a good seller.


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