Decoupage? wallcoverings help

strife_ratOctober 29, 2006


My wife and I want to "decoupage" sections of the walls in our kitchen. Can someone please help me on the best ways to do the following:

we want to print up old (absinth / pernot) pictures on our inkjet printer and glue/seal them to large sections of the walls in our kitchen.

1. Is there a certain type of paper we should print them up on?

2. What type of glue should we use to put them up?

3. What should we use to seal them to the walls (ie polyurethane??)

Thanks for all the help


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I am interested in this too. I did some pics to decoupage for a craft project using our ink jet printer. I used modge podge. The only problem was that when covering the top of the pics some of them bled and the colors ran. I would like to scan some vintage books I have but don't want the same to happen. I will be watching this post too:)


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I haven't done this, but wonder if you could spray some Krylon matte 1311 on first to seal the ink on the paper, then use your Mod Podge after that had dried? I've used the matte spray on projects that I've used ink on and it kept it from bleeding. Hope someone else with experience will have an answer for you. Luvs

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In the Garden Junk forum, I believe it is Frances (AR) that has put recipe pages from a cookbook on her kitchen walls. You might check with her in that forum. Start a post asking the same as you did in this forum - Decoupaging Walls.


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I play here, too, Sal. This is actually the forum that got me hooked on Garden Web. LOL. I used actual cook books on my kitchen wall. The ink jet pictures run so easy, but I've not tried spraying them with a sealer first. I used just pre-mixed wallpaper paste to adhere my pages to the wall, although I think I ran out and then used thinned wood glue to finish it up. I also did my living room wall and hallway with crumpled grocery bags years before it became popular and I used wallpaper paste there as well. After everything dries well, I put glazing medium over top to seal everything. Good luck and if you're satisfied with it, please post a picture so we can admire your work.

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I think that i'll try what luvstocraft suggested about sealing the paper first, then coating. I'm looking for the cheapest route (heating a 80+ year old house is expensive in the winter). I'll post my findings as soon as i can. Thanks for the input.


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Why couldnt you just use wallpaper paste on the backs of the pictures??I took pieces from wallpaper already hung on wall.

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They also have printer paper,different sized I had 8x11 that you print photo then pull off the back.What I do is make my photos in thumbnails and when I write a letter to family I use these as stickers on letters.So they can see different photos, easy and cute.

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Just an update on my experience. I learned that if you do the krylon coat before deoupaging the pictures it sets the color and you don't have to worry about the bleed through. Just wanted to share an update.


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I wanted to add to use light coats of the clear spray seller, three or even four light coats will work better then one or two heavey coats, also the walmart brand works great and is cheaper.
Happy crafting

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Hey there, folks-
I haven't decoupaged on walls, but I do decoupage. I've had good luck with printing the images I want out on a color laser printer, or making a color copy of the image I want. If bad comes to worse, you might be able to run some things off at a Kinkos or other shop with a color laser printer.

PS, I've also had a little success with print on a black and white laser copy, covering the item in the glue/Modge Podge, and when it dries, hand painting over THAT. It gives a different effect, but just figured I'd toss out some extra options.

Sounds like a great project! I wish you much luck.

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