Master closet question

mrspeteNovember 15, 2012

Yeah, I know -- I ask oddball questions.

Where do you store your been-worn-once-gonna-wear again-clothes? I mean the dress I wore to church for 4-5 hours and will wear to work one day soon. I mean my husband's karate clothes, which he wears a couple times before they're washed. I mean the jeans that've been worn once and will be worn again before they hit the washer.

Right now they're just tossed on a chair in our bedroom, but I'd like a better plan for our new house. I could live with storing these on a hook in the closest or in the bathroom . . . But I don't like them being clutter-y. Obviously they need to be aired a bit, and they shouldn't be mixed with the clean-clean clothes.

One note: our bedroom'll be arranged like this: bedroom, then pass-through closet, then bathroom. And the bathroom'll have a door into the laundry room.

And one rule: don't say the back of the closet door 'cause I'm considering using a curtain instead of a real door.

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For the dress, I'd rehang... Maybe put it in a different location in the closet, but still rehang. It will be several days to weeks before it gets worn again.

For the karate uniform--on a hook on the side of the wall? My jeans that I re-wear get draped on the hamper edge. Do you have a hamper location?

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If you are grossed out by these clothes touching the clean-clean clothes, can you just section off a part of the closet to hang the lightly-used clothes? .. or hang something in-between like the plastic covers from a dry cleaners? (That is what I do, more of less.)

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Sigh. No wonderful, this-is-my-system answers. I'm led to believe that there is no really good answer to this question. I'm thinking that a small, separate section of the closet (located at the front) is the best answer: Something divided off, perhaps 12" with books AND a hanging rod for versitility.

I like the phrase "lightly worn".
"Grossed out" is too strong a phrase.

Thanks for the help.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Dresses and blouses I will turn them inside out and rehang them, to mark that they were briefly worn.

Other casual clothes like tshirts and jeans and such...I keep a shelf in the closet where they get folded and put until either I wear them again, or get sick of looking at them and wash them.

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I love that this topic came up on GW:) We actually had "place for the not quite dirties" on our list of wants we gave our home designer. For us it is usually pants and we will have some hooks on a short wall in the master closet. The idea of dry cleaning bags between clean/no-so-clean is really clever.

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I have a small section next to the dresser in our closet and where you walk in that I use to hang clothes like that and also I put empty hangers there. Ie when I remove a piece of clothing to wear I also remove the hanger and put it there. It is about 18" wide with a rod and space for long clothes.

I also have a rack with hooks over our bench seat that I will hang things on at times.

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I guess I don't have enough clothes that I wouldn't be able to remember that I already wore it for an hour or two...?? For jeans I fold them and lay them in the closet on a shelf. Other stuff I hang back up. So for instance church stuff - hang back up and then likely wear it to work on Monday or Tuesday and then in the hamper.

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MrsPete, I think this may be a woman's question--and a good one to be sure. I'm not sure this would be an issue that would occur to many men, certainly not me!

Of course, I'm now retired and my clothes habits are different than when I worked in Manhattan. In those days, the day's shirt went to the laundry bin and the tie and suit were hung for rewear after a 4-5 day rotation with other suits.

In my retirement closet, my daily pair of pants just get a clothes hangar through a belt loop and get hung back on the rod until the next morning. Assuming I'm rewearing, shirts get folded or hung in a convenient place so the next morning doesn't get too complicated finding stuff before the day's first cup of coffee.

Let us know what you find to be the optimal solution. Perhaps we can all improve!

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I definitely like the idea of a hook better than folding -- things that've been worn once, I prefer to hang so they can "air out".

It's not that I can't remember what I wore or that I have such a large wardrobe that I can't keep up with it (quite the opposite, actually) . . . rather, it's that I don't want the worn-once things piled up on a chair in my bedroom looking messy -- which is our present system. If you can call it a system.

It's a small thing, but if I'm designing my house to suit my own needs, I want to eliminate these little aggravations through better design. I put this in the same category as having a place to drop the mail when you come in -- if you don't have a plan and a place, it ends up cluttering the kitchen counter.

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This is an old thread that I just read and it's a good idea that never occurred to me. Now I am thinking maybe a simple two-person locker with hooks might be a good addition in the MB. Has anyone actually included something like this in their build?

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I just hang them back up in the closet. Am I gross??? :-P

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I hang them back up too, so if you're gross, carsonheim, I'm right there with you. My philosophy is that if it's clean enough to wear again, it's clean enough to go back in the closet. I can usually tell when it's time for something to go to the hamper.

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What you need, is a walk-in closet, with room to drape things over a chair or have a special 'lightly used' area. My dream closet...probably not very practical, but really pretty :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I always hang mine back up too but after reading this thread, it made me feel like I was nasty for hanging them next to "cleaner" clothes. Y'all made me feel better. Thanks.

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Bridget Helm

i hang my blouses and dresses back up and fold my jeans then put them in a cubby in the closet with my other jeans. but my husband NEVER rehangs his clothes.

what we've ended up doing about him not hanging his suit pants and dress slacks back up is draping them over a quilt rack, which i now call his pants horse. keep one in the closet. it's SOO much faster than rehanging pants with creases and or pleats. when 10 or so pants pile up, i make him go through it and hand me those that need to go to the cleaners.

our rack looks similar to this. it has 3 rods.

Here is a link that might be useful: quilt rack

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

um on the treadmill?? :)

I'm planning on hooks on the wall behind my closet door for this in our new home. I'm putting the treadmill upstairs!!! lol

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