painted eggs sealant?

caliroseOctober 9, 2010

Some years ago at a craft show were painted eggs, the vendor stated that the eggs would not break but would not reveal the sealant used. (Don't blame him)

Anyone know what sealant could be used? My SIL raises fowl and I would like to make her some painted eggs.

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Usually when eggs are painted the insides are blown out. You make 1 small hole & then on other side little larger hole & blow insides out, seems like you break the yolk 1st!WASH well or they will smell! Suppose you could fill it with something so it wouldn't break but plaster of Paris would break & concrete would be awfully hard to get in that little hole so maybe a resin??? Then any sealant would work. My painted objects usually get Krylon Clear sprayed on them. I haven't painted any eggs.

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Thanks, I hadn't thought about washing them after removing the egg from the shell. Seems so obvious now ;)

Anyone else with an idea?

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