Bosch 800 Plus DW-- use tablets instead of powder?

2LittleFishiesDecember 12, 2012

We still have the Finish brand tablets left over from our last dw. They are detergent with the little rinse aid ball in the middle. Is it okay to use these? The manual only speaks of detergent powder and a separate rinse aid.

Also I assume if I use these tabs I don't have to add separate rinse aid? Actually DH just told me the manual says to still use a rinse aid even if the detergent has one in it.

(We added the Finish Salt today as we tested the water and we needed to add that to soften our water)

Hoping to use this thing SOON!
Thanks so much!

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Tabs should work fine - in fact I switched to Quantum Finish tabs when they removed phosphates from the powders. In a machine like the Bosch without heated dry, it's probably a good idea to add rinse aid to ensure dry dishes since the rinse aid in the tabs may be released too early , although you could try without to see how it works.

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We recently got an 800 series Bosch DW with our new kitchen and probably have the same one-manual-fits-several-models. I've been using the Finish tabs because that's what I already had, and they have a good rating in CR magazine. Costco has the best price on them, BTW. I have learned, though, that dosing is like our FL washing machine. Light or small loads need less. Our FL washer uses 1/4 to 1/3 whatever a detergent label says.

I have some old DW powder that I'm going to keep and will measure that out in teaspoons for those small and light loads, including Express cycle. Our water is moderately hard, something like 3 or 4 grains. When I did the soft/hard test, using the strip that came with the DW (did you get one?), the first two boxes changed color. We don't need the water softener & salts.

I put in the Jet Dry rinse aid because I've read (here and elsewhere) how it really helps with cleaning. We have it set to the minimum, but probably need to increase the dose by one number. Things are still pretty wet when the cycle is complete.

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