Need craft advice for rocks

phish_gwOctober 11, 2013

I travel a lot and collect a lot of pretty rocks. Some are pea-sized, some are strawberry-sized (normal strawberries, not the ones full of hormones), some are kiwi-sized, possibly some as big as orange-sized. I need ideas for a craft to make with them or how to display them. I don't have a rock cutter. I'd love any ideas you have!

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I have some polished small stones dad got at Wall Drug so I thought I would wrap them with gold colored 28 gauge wire with a loop on each end to use with colored glass beads in a bracelet or necklace. Other than that I don't know.

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I love rocks and collect them wherever I go! I usually display the large ones in the garden, in a potted plant, or someplace like that. I use a nice small covered clear glass dish (like a covered candy dish?) with some beach sand in it and keep my small rocks and shells on the sand. :) I keep medium-sized rocks, like river rocks, in baskets that I make. And when I have a nice piece of sea-glass I weave it into a necklace! :)

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Somewhere I had a book on painting on rocks. Not sure if I still have it or not. Lots of really cute ideas for all sizes. These usually are left outside in the garden area so you need the waterproof paints. You probably can go on line to find these books.

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