Good sealer for paint?

ynnejOctober 12, 2011

DH and I undertook a budget-friendly makeover of our half walls. They were wallpapered with oak trim- we scraped off wallpaper and added crown molding and wood laminate, then painted them white. We did the wood laminate because we couldn't afford bead board at this moment, and figured we could switch it out later on. As I was painting the laminate, I noticed that it wasn't sticking on very well. The paint seemed to bubble up. But after three coats, they looked pretty good- only problem is they are VERY easily scratched. Is there a way to seal the paint? Or are we doomed because of the laminate we used?

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This is a good question for the Paint Forum. You probably probably should have used a base like Kiltz over the laminate or you needed to sandpaper the surface to get a better hold before you painted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paint Forum

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I do think you are doomed. You may have gotten away with not using a primer if you had sanded the wood first. Problem is the paint had nothing to adhere to. You really should have sanded then primed. Been there done that...learned a valuable lesson. You may have to sand off what you have done and start over (if that is possible) Use a primer like Zinser or Kilz. I prefer zinser.

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Are you sure it is wood laminate?- man tried to tell us some baseboard he said was particleboard. It was very light weight & broken on end, I looked at it & it's like pressed paper in a gray color covered with thin vinyl. My neighbor has door that she kicked & it was damaged & she wanted me to help her fix it, I could see it fraying out where she had tried to paint over it & I told her to get a new wood door. I'm getting wood & staining it for my mom so it holds up & can be refinished. Same problem at friends mobile home, she asked me how to fix kitchen drawer- it is a paper like stuff bit like contact paper,that looks a little like wood. Can't fix it.

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