Nervous, first craft show!!!

dirtundermyfingersOctober 15, 2010

Well I have been wanting to do this for years now and a friend talked me into it and I am doing my first craft show on the 30th of this month. I have read some of the posts about things said at craft shows to prepare myself:) My crafts are kind of a combo of things. I am a stay at home mom and thrifter and garage saler so all of my crafts are unique and no two are the same. Any hints out there for me, what to expect, how to price things?? I am selling jams and jellys that I have made the price on those is 6 a pint or 2 for 10 dollars, does that sound reasonable?? I am planning on putting samples of my goodies out for taste tests. I am also selling dried soup mixes from veggies I dehydrated, tea cup pin cushions, hankie covered christmas balls, bottle cap magnets, muffin tin crayon. I have made labels for the canned goods and am working on tags for the other items.

I know that packaging and presentation are big things for craft shows so any unique ideas. I have some patterned plastic bags to wrap up the canned goods I sell. I am taking a variety and will have business cards if anyone wants to do follow up orders. The butterflies are already flying and I am spending any spare minutes making up crafts. I also have planned to make some halloween treats and have some dollar items, and things for kids so it is kind of a mix. Because I have gotten most of my supplies here and there, I am not really focusing on one item. I figure that this will be a good test run and will see what sells.

Any ideas, and things I might have forgotten would be appreciated (a few prayers wouldn't be out of order also)


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Don't forget plenty of change. You will be surprised how many people only have a twenty dollar bill. Bags to put stuff in, a comfortable sweater or jacket and comfortable shoes.Pad and pen to write orders down. A bottle of water or a drink. The jams and jellies sound like a good price to me. I have always heard to triple what an item cost you for your selling price, but I usually just double my cost depending on how hard it is to make. Wear a big smile and be friendly.

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Have fun! Sounds like you have a good variety of things & prices so things should go well. Jan

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I just want to wish you good luck! It is good to have a chair, but stand up to greet potential customers.

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I havn't been here in a great while. But Best of Luck to you...It all sounds wonderful. I think you will be a big success...What are hankie covered xmas balls?? I use to make candy bags with a toy in it. The kids love em. I'd sell them for a 1.00...You can get more then your money back...

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I don't do any craft shows, but as an artist, e-mail addresses can come in handy. Maybe you can have people who visit your booth sign up for constant contact or your blog. Good to remind customers about your products. Good luck!

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I took styrophome balls and covered them with vintage hankies, tieing them up and poofing up the tops like a flower. I then put old silk flowers, buttons or jewelry around the bow that tied them up. They look pretty nice and unique.


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That sounds so cute Stacie...Can't wait to hear your exciting news of you first show...You Go Girl...

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So.... How did the show go? I remember my first show. I made all of 20 bucks!

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One of the best and easiest things to do is to engage every one who passes your booth in some kind of conversation. Smile, say hello and give them some kind of compliment on what they are wearing, their haircut, how cute their kids are, etc. I found that it made people pause a little longer and actually take a look at my crafts. Also, bite your tongue and continue to smile when someone makes an insensitive remark about your items or display. I was lucky and had a large variety of items for sale but there are always people who will just breeze by your display without even glancing at it. I found that people overlook things even tho they are right in front of their faces - if you put the same item at a few different places in your display it will help. It will be tiring but fight the urge to sit behind your table - stay on your feet and tell potential buyers to ask if they have any questions. Good luck.

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Be prepared to answer all sorts of dumb questions: such as how it is made, did you really make it, and discourage picture taking, if you have a lot of different items, have a helper to watch the "light" fingers, or groups of people while you make change. Keep the change box away from the table. Smile, tell people thanks for looking, don't hold bags of items while people go to shop at other booths, while people are not exactly in front, rearrange the items as I might see something the second time I missed the first time and label items clearly.
If you have to eat lunch, eat light, such as yogurt, carrot sticks, bars , water etc so the area does not get messy or smell even though the food is so very good. Water is good. Oh yes a small calculator is good. Don't spend much time visiting with friends, and be aware of that quiet shy person who may buy more that you think.

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Just wondering how your craft show went?

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