knit doll hair loops

donnas_gwOctober 16, 2007

I want to make a Raggedy Ann doll face ornament that goes onto a wreath. It calls for knit doll hair loops for her hair. Where do I find these? I've looked in Michaels, but maybe I overlooked them. If I can't find them, I could use red yarn. With so many different sizes of yarn, what would be the best size/kind of yarn to use? Thanks.


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Myself I would use red yarn anyway - it seems more traditionally raggedy ann to me - medium weight - are you talking about making loops by wrapping the wool around a ruler and then sliding them off?
Suzan J

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sjarz, for the doll head only, which is what I want to make, the directions say: arrange and glue doll hair on head.

In this same craft book, you can also make the entire Raggedy Ann doll. It also calls for knit doll hair loops, but it says: arrange hair loops on head and "stitch" in place".

I really have no idea what they are talking about when they say knit doll hair loops. What I think of are the loops we used to make potholders with years ago. Kind of looks like those in the pictures. It says nothing in the directions about wrapping the wool around a ruler and then sliding them off, or anything else. Only what I have listed above.

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I can't envision those pot holder loops from our past working as doll hair, but hey, anything's possible...I'm sorry sweety I don't know anything about knitting - hope someone else has some ideas for you.

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I think they just mean that you are to make your OWN loops. I have done that to make ornaments and things before. I take some red yarn (up to you what kind and color of red) then take it and like fold it back toward yourself so they're like 2" or however big you want, fold it back the other way, fold back toward you. Make them however full you want. Take a small piece of yarn and tie around the center to hold the loops in place and glue that to the ornament. Keep making them until you have the look you want. If you're making a doll, you can sew these on the head.

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It's actually a pattern from an older Leisure Arts Book. I'm posting the picture but it's not that great. I'm using my flatbed scanner.

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go to your local fabric store...ask them to point you to the t-shirt fabrics and jersey fabrics...either of those faberics will curl a bit when you cut it and streatch it just get about a 1/2 to 1 yard of the fabric... cut in 1 to 2 inch wide strips, length will depend on the size of doll head...goes fast with a rottery cutter... after cutting the strips pull from each end and the fabric will curl and I would just use hot glue to attach to the doll head... or look for the chuncky yarn in red and use that. no matter what you use for the doll hair either could be sewn or glued...good luck...

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do I cut the strips on the bias or not? thanks.

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As I told you in the email I sent, Donna, I posted the question over on the knitting forum as I got curious about the answer to this myself...
a helpful gal over there posted this link to knitted loops, would they work for you?
Suzan J.

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yes, sjarz, that will work!! Thank you!!

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