Questions about Potpourri ???

ivamaeOctober 7, 2009

I'm experimenting. I have a bunch of mid size baby food jars and I'm trying to use them for something for a bazaar.

I found seveal ideas on the net.

I bought both lemon and peach potpourri at a Dollar store and have crocheted little doilies. I want to put the potpourri in the jars, cover it with plastic film to hold in the scent for now, place a little doilie on top and tie with a bright ribbon, add a note saying to release the aroma to puncture the plastic film.

The pieces are quite large and there doesn't seem to be very much fragrance. I'm presuming though, that they are not meant to scent a whole room - just a drawer or some other small place.

Should I try to add something to this? I did get some oils that are really meant for candles and wondered about soaking a cotton ball with this and placing it in the jar, hidden by the rest of the potpourri. They aren't highly perfumed either and I'm suspicious that they need to be warmed to give off scent. Also I wondered if it would be best to crush the stuff into smaller pieces. Smaller would look better in the small jars I think.

I sure am open to any and all suggestions.

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I would re-scent the potpourri, it will hold the scent better then a cotton ball. Just try different things an see what works best. You can also add some cinnamon sticks or cloves.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have been working on them to-day and believe me, they have more scent than I expected. The whole house smells nice.

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Unlike what most people think the things in the potpouri are not what gives it it's scent. Potpouri is scented with esential oils absorbed by orris root. Orris root is very absorbent and holds on to the scent for a long time.

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with traditional potpourri you would have a "fixative" to hold the scent and as others have suggested orris root or cinnamon sticks work well for this and then you just add some more fragrant or essential oils. most of the potpourri Ive seen in shops is just thrown together very cheaply so it's not very authentic the way it's made.

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