One of the really good craft shows in southern Ohio

huggybear_2008October 30, 2008

I just wanted to let some of the folks know that in Milford, Ohio at the High School, they have a Christmas craft show , not sure what the date is this year, but I think it is around the 1st of Dec. You have to put your name on a waiting list to get a booth, so if anyone is interested for maybe next year.. they may want to call and see who they would talk to.. I know it is a huge craft show and they use every inch of the Highschool for booths..I would say there are at least 400 or maybe more booths.. If you are just interesed in going to see what they have for sale.. I would get there early.. I believe it is a two day affair.. and not sure what the cost is..Lots of nice items for sale.. most are homemade items.. I do not remember seeing to many that were not hommemade.. and all are of good quality.. Just wanted to let you all know.. If I find out the date for sure I will let you all know.


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Would love to see it as both craft fairs I went to this year were just so-so. Nothing new or special.

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I am planning on going to the craft show at the Milfor High School and I will take my camera and take some photos to show you guys how they use all the space in the school..Now I just have to find out the correct date of the show..LOL

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Just be sure you ask permission from the exhibitors before taking photos. Many people are very protective of their ideas and don't want any photography.

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I have never done the one in Milford. I always have the one at Ross that weekend. The only bad thing about doing shows is that you never can visit other shows.

If your looking for a great show, Minges Pumpkin festival in Harrison is wonderful!! We almost make more there in 1 weekend then we do at all of of other shows combined. It is always the 2nd or 3rd weekend in October. It is the 18th and 19th. It is $197.00 for a booth that is 10x15.

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Wish I could make it back there for those shows... I am game for most around here - I know what you mean about taking pictures - I don't mind but many crafters do mind - ALOT!!! hehe

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I will be sure to ask before taking photos. and I understand why some would not like folks taking photos.. and I respect that. Hope you all have great crafts shows and make tons of money.. you all deserve it work very hard.. I just poke around now, as I work a full time job and since the garden is done for the season, I can focus more on my crafts.. I know the one year I made the Time out dolls I sold right around 50 of them and wow that sure paid for my Christmas for all the kids and grandkids.
One grandson.. asked me where all the kids went , after I had sold them all.. LOl

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I am from Ohio also I am looking for better sells. I live in a town that has a couple good ones but I want something that draws a crowd.

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Lynnlynn, what part of the state are you from? I live in the southeastern part (Meigs County) and there are very few good shows down here.

Also, what do you made? Do you do juried shows or shows that allow buy/sell? And how much are you willing to pay for a booth?

I have found that some parts of Ohio are better than others. Industry & jobs can really factor into sales.

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Does anyone have the actual date for the Milford show? I looked on the school website and it didn't have anything.


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The Milford Jr. High School craft show is on Dec. 6th that is what it says on the school web site.. the boosters club has the craft show.. they have approx . 175 booths, just sure seemed like a lot more.. they are all thru out the school , hall, gym, everywhere.. it is a good show.. you have to get on a waiting list to get a booth in the show.. but sure would not hurt to put your name on the list , you could always say no, if you did not or could not do the show..

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The show is December 6th, its always the 1 st Saturday in December. It does take a long time to get into this show, but just keep calling. The person that is in charge of this craft show does not ...does not return calls. I had left 17 messages over about a 1 month period before I ever got in touch with her. If you *67 before you dial she cant tell who it is. It really is a great craft show but very unorganized. I make sterling silver items, we are located in the little gym right under the basketball hoop. Hope to see you there. The school does not even advertise this show anymore because it has such a following. It is only Saturday, not 2 days. I think Loveland's is 2 days.


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I am from Marion, Ohio. I can do either juried or not. I am not sure what my limit is on the price. Right now I don't pay over $50.00 for a 10x10 spot. I have looked for the info on the one at Milford High School and I can't find it. Could someone post the link. I would appreciate any info anyone can give me. I crochet afghans, booties, baby outfits, cross stitch, quilt, quilling, sewing and some painting. I really have a mixed variety

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Here is the web site for the Milford Jr. High School craft show..

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