LG Fridge Makes a Loud Buzzing Sound

Harrah007December 7, 2013

My new LG Fridge (Model No. LMX25984ST) makes a very loud buzzing sound lasting 5 seconds once every 57 minutes & 40 seconds (exactly). This fridge has been making this noise ever since I bought it 10 months ago. It does not matter if the compressor is running or not. The buzzing sound is so loud that it wakes me up at night when I am sleeping in the bedroom. LG refuses to solve this problem because their technician cannot wait at my residence for almost an hour to hear the sound. LG's Service Dept. has told me several times (after calling them 40 times during the last 10 months) that if they come to my residence for a second service call that they will charge me $90 for the truck plus an hourly rate for their technician to solve this problem. I have a one-year warranty with LG and another three-year warranty (which cost me another $400) with a local service company. It took two delivery men three hours to disassemble my front door, deliver & assemble the fridge, and reassemble my front door when the fridge arrived at my residence. I do not want to go through all this again to return the fridge to LG. Please e-Mail me if you have any ideas as to what is causing this problem.

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No idea what is causing the problem.

Several years ago our oven broke & we had a very difficult time getting Sears to honor its warranty. My wife documented each contact and service attempt, as well as the problems and wrote a letter to BBB, the CEO & then the state regulator for consumer affairs. It was the response to the last that got action.

Hopefully yours will come more swiftly than that. Bon Joon Koo is the CEO of LG Electronics, Inc. http://www.lg.com/global/investor-relations/company-info/overview
Of course, if you don't feel like starting a "federal case" & no free advice is forthcoming, maybe you could just pay for the service.

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