Buying a GE Advantium Microwave oven

Zoe52December 29, 2013

I have noticed that the people that own these often place them above the regular oven. Can these be used as a second oven?? Or would it be redundant to buy a second oven and place the advantium elsewhere? Just wondering how many people have these and if they use it as their "second" oven.

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I'm still getting to know my Advantium, but it can be used as a second oven if you want to. I think they are often above a wall oven because most people recommend the 240V version, which needs to be installed at/above counter height (I think it's 36 inches up or something similar).

I'm sure some of the Advantium owners here can add their experience when they get a minute, it's a busy time of year!

In the meantime, you can try using google to find some of the older threads here, which I found very helpful when making this decision. Put in your search words and add "site=ths.gardenweb". The search feature on the site here is notoriously hard to use.

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Not the most current pic, as we have added handles and drawer fronts, but our 240V 30" Advantium wall oven is on the left. We do not have another wall oven. This is our second oven and it gets a fair amount of use in that capacity. Baking over the holidays, warming drawer, side dishes, etc. Yeah, we also use it as a microwave as well. Our main oven is a 30" GE Mono DF.

You will need to learn timing to make sure everything finishes on time, and also learn that you have to let it cool for a few minutes before you can use the microwave function.

We also use it about half the time as our main oven since it is just the DW and me.

The only thing I advise against is cooking a fully bone-in bird (chicken or turkey) as it makes an awful mess inside.

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So Whit, do you use your Advantium as a warming oven, too?? We have already purchased a 240 Monogram one as it was on sale now and we will be building a new home this coming year. So we are still trying to figure out what other appliances to use. I KNOW that I would like a second oven. Thanks for the head's up! Good to know that you need to let it cool off to use the microwave feature and to not cook a full turkey or chicken in it.

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Mine is above our wolf
i use it to MW, second oven, speed, and warming
it takes time to learn
Good luck

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Thanks everyone for your responses. It looks as if I will have a big learning curve to utilize this oven appropriately. I will most likely forego the second oven as an added expense if this can be used as such... But still might add a warming drawer.

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We are planning on putting one in a new island (it can be done, though GE warns it shouldn't, there are other threads here about it) as a second oven/mw/warming drawer option, along with a 30" range across from it. Seems like the swiss-army knife of kitchen ovens if you ask me :) GL!


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