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grandma_bonnieOctober 21, 2007

Local parade with craft show. Only 30 venders - including scrapbookers, Pampered Chef, Cookie Lee etc. I did fine! Sold over $300 after expenses - I'll take that as I have two more shows next week-end! No new crafts to report at all - but I sold Potato Bags baggy bags (to hold plastic bags) as well as 3 Grocery Cart Covers (I'll have to make more this week as my stash is looking a little skimpy)along with snowment bag holders/pJ holders. Filled in with aprons - I made Mom and Me aprons this yeat out of Christmas fabric on both sides. I raised my price to $10 for the child's apron that can be colored with markers - I may raise them again... I have to make more of those too.

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Sounds great Congratulations
Have you thought of kid's sticker vests? A simple vest made out of clear vinyl that they can stick stickers on? I don't think I have the pattern any more. With a sheet of stickers it might be a good seller for the little ones.

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...that might be fun!!! I can try that after the holidays next Spring at the Farmer's Markets...

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Congratulations on a good show!
The crafters you do shows with are considered to be the BACKBONE of this business! The weekend crafter that is still making things to sell at the smaller shows. And they are having FUN doing it! Fantastic!
My hat's off to you.

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Congratulations on your show!! And, thanks for updating us as to how shows are going this year -- I won't have my first one until November 10th.

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You did GREAT !!!! I hope the rest of your shows are just as good


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I have so much fun at the shows, if I make expenses, I consider it a good day... I just have to try to remember to sit down occasionally. I am crippled for the next two days... My next show is a dog show , but on Sunday is the first real craft show. That'll be the real test...

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That is great. I wished I could have a sell that good. I am working really hard to get things made but it seems like a loosing battle. Can you explain how you make you potato bags? I am wondering what you use on the inside. Can you use warm and natural with regular cotton material on the outside?


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