Jenn-Air vs Bosch Induction cooktop

hildebrauDecember 19, 2012

I'm trying to find information on the Jenn-Air JIC4430XS induction cooktop.. I was pretty much sold on the Bosch 800 Series NIT8065UC cooktop; but then one sales guy mentioned the Jenn-Air when I suddenly found out their floor model of the Bosch was suddenly unavailable.

I do like the bridged section.. I'm not sure how the controls work on this Jenn-Air; but it sounds like there is a slider for the temp setting.. I was told by one sales person that a 5 inch pot on the 7 inch hob would be detected without issue.. that is definitely a concern of mine, as I have several 5ish inch pots..

One place mentions that the hardware inside may actually be made by Bosch.. But another place says Whirlpool. I wonder which is actually true. was the one that said it both ways on different pages. Though, the Bosch backing was "rumored"..

Any advice out there? Does anyone have the Jenn-Air JIC4430XS? Even the doesn't list that particular part number.. perhaps it is too new. It looks different than the Jenn Air they do list.

One place is offering it for $1799 minus a $200 mail in install rebate right now.. that doesn't sound too unreasonable.. certainly cheaper than a Bosch 800 Series.

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jenn-Air JIC4430XS

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If you google Jenn-Air JIC4430XS, you will find a lot of information about it. You can even download the Operators Manual for it----Something I recommend before buying any appliance.

Jenn-Air is owned by Whirlpool so it will be made by Whirlpool and most likely in the US. (The Bosch will most likely be made in Turkey, but possibly Germany.

Reading the info from several websites, the cook top does have a lot of nice features, Bridging, A hob that boost to 5000, auto boiling (it automatically turns down and beeps, once the water is boiling) and a timer for each hob, alto all they do is beep and DO NOT turn off the hob. (We had "Real" timers on a conventional electric cook top and never used them).

For the money, or even more money, there are few induction cook tops that have the features that the Jenn-air has. It is only missing "Real Timers" as far as I can see, and I've never seen auto boil on any induction cook top before, and bridging is also pretty rare (but available on some). The power slider is a nice touch too, you just slide your finger along it to either increase or decrease the temperatures,

If I did not have my Elux Induction cook top, (which we love) and it makes no noises whatsoever, with any pot/pan that we have thrown at it (so far), I would buy the Jenn-air.
That is also a great price. I paid about $2000 for my Elux cook top a couple of years ago.

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An appliance store I called mentioned that the Jenn air would drop power from other hobs when I boost on one or two. But the Bosch wouldn't.

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You can find the Bosch user manual on the AJ Madison site.

According to page 22 of the Bosch manual, you must have the other hob in the same zone OFF to use boost (two zones, left 2 hobs and right 2 hobs). If you have the burner on, and try to boost its partner, it will flash "b" then go back to "9".

The manual doesn't seem to say anything about power sharing when not in boost (you should read up so that you understand what power sharing is -- see

As Gary said, it is best to peruse the manuals (user, installation, etc) for yourself.

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I would not get too "Hung up" on the boost function,
(for any induction cooktop). The dern things are so fast at boiling water even without boost, that it's been quite a while since I've used boost on mine.

I don't stir fry or Wok, but I suspect those that do, dont even use boost,
(except for preheat?).
It would probably "Cremate the pan" if one left it on for very long.
Perhaps those that do stir fry and or Wok) can "enlighten us"?

Nice work attofarad, She might have bought the Bosch based upon the saleman's erroneous information!

But, then again, That's why we are here,
Just the Facts Mam, Just the Facts!!


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For the record, the Jennair power boost works the same way - you can only use the boost feature when the other burner in that zone is off.

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"For the record, the Jennair power boost works the same way - you can only use the boost feature when the other burner in that zone is off."

After reading the Operator's Manual for the Jenn-Air, several times paying particular attention to anything in said manual about "boost", I did not read anywhere, where the manual says it will turn off a burner that is in the same zone, if the other burner in that zone is set to "Boost". In Fact it does not even say that it reduces the power in the other hob in the same zone, if boost is used in that shared zone, (which is common for many induction cooktops (IE) the power is Reduced, but not turned off on the hob that is sharing the same zone as the "boosted hob".
Bosch is one of the few that actually turns a hob off when another is boosted.

The Jenn-Air manual only states that 2 hobs can not be boosted at the same time, and it will display an "Error msg"
if you try to do that.

Where did you get the "For the Record" info deb_hi, do you have the Jenn-Air cooktop?--I sure can't find it---Thanks


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@hildebrau: Bosch 800 Series NIT8065UC is almost identical to the 500 series NIT5665UC. One difference i am aware is that with the 800 series the controls are part of the metal bezel whereas with the 500 they are on the ceramic glass, auto chef temperature gimmick (need auto chef pots for it to work) and .

I went with the 500 series and one of the MAJOR reasons was that it has hob timers i.e if you want to boil rice you can set it, leave and it will be done. Also it has 17 temperature settings.. which i find very useful as i don't use double boilers anymore.

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I have a jenn-air induction cootop, and I would swap it for a gas range in a heartbeat. It is fairly quick to heat up and is easy to clean. The timers do turn off the gas when the timer is done.
Every setting above 5 (1-10) buzzes intermitently. The pulsing is loud when frying. You can feel the buzz if your hand is on the glass. It turns off almost at once if you lift a pan off the glass to shake it or add water etc. and sometimes simply turns itself off for no reason. It does have bridges between plates which work well. It beeps if you have a pan on the glass with the unit off, which is really annoying.
Turning the pan back on takes two presses and a slide. What I find most difficult is getting accurate settings as I could with a gas range. I feel only partially in control.

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