Anyone Seen New Gaggenau Ovens (400 Series)?

blackbrandywineDecember 19, 2013

Hello everyone,

We are at the end of a new home build and we decided (a long time ago, with the help of folks on this board) on two Gaggenau wall ovens -- one steam and one regular. Gaggenau recently updated its ovens. The new 400 series seems to have most of the same features but with a slightly different look/operation (touchscreen) and handleless/automatic door operation. Does anyone have these ovens or seen them?

Our local store does not have the new ones in stock and I need to decide ASAP whether to buy the new models, buy floor models of the old models (280 series -- 20% off, never hooked up), or just buy new versions of the old models (they still have some available). If anyone has the new models and/or seen how the handleless/automatic door operation works, I'd love to hear from you. I am trying to find a 400 series to see in person and will post if I do.

Thank you in advance.

Black Brandywine

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I saw it yesterday. Gorgeous! I love the idea of the handle being tucked into the side. I did not see the door in operation. I walked away quickly because I really did not need to add anything new to my wish list. I will be heading out to the store on Sunday. Let me know if you have any questions and maybe I can find out about it.

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So we made it to a showroom with the new models. They are very similar, but the touchscreen is updated. The "handleless" opening worked just fine. You push an icon on the touchscreen and the door pops open. There is also an indent on the side, so you can open it up by hand if you want. And if you really want a handle, you can purchase one. I was very concerned about the operation of the door (and whether it would feel like a cheap microwave), but my concerns were unwarranted.

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Is it approximately $16K for the pair (one steam, one bake) ?

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